1. An elderly fisherman sits at the edge of the creaky dock with his young grandson. Slumped over his old fishing rod and staring at the water as if he could see the past in its reflection, he retells stories to his grandson about when the once-vibrant port town would buzz with incoming and outgoing ships. During the busy season, he and his friends would catch the most colorful fish in the water to fry up for visitors. Now the town is desolate, and the fish don’t swim up to the dock as often, but the bright colors around town trigger sentimental memories. His grandson is bored and playing with the ragged rope bobbing up in down in the water.

  2. The lapis blue homes shined bright against the eerie pier, the sunflower yellow ones gave light to the brown cliffs and the crimson red homes brought the life back that was missing in the colorful village. Although, not one ship has been seen in quite some time, there is still signs of hope. Hope that one day the beach will see footprints of new inhabitants and new ships will join the lonely, final ship docked along the pier.

  3. As you stare at the mountain afar, one thinks about how small one’s life can be. An endless, vast space above the mountains created, molded, and forged by the very force of nature. How can one not simply be amazed at the scale of this creation of nature? But in it, it creates a sense of loneliness. One can only hope that in time, someday these once booming docks will be used again. Someday someone will be able to come along these mountains and finally have this world not feel as small as we are.

  4. Upon the high cliffs overlooking the beach layered with sand consisting of reddish-yellow tint, there is a wooden post. Adjacent to this wooden post lies a dilapidated bench, a bench which many once upon a time would rest their weary legs. Upon this cliff, one is met with the vibrance emanated from the tiny village upon the coast. The colors which this village consists of seems prismatic at first glance, telling of a once lively fishing village now desolate. The population has seemed to dwindle in recent years, as a result of overfishing and pollution from neighboring coastal towns. Those who remain find a minute gleam of hope for the future, as many people from the major nearby town have begun to buy property in the surrounding areas due to the inexpensive prices. This hope has generated a clairvoyant sense of rejuvenation to this former thriving region.

  5. It was a town full of mystery and so many questions, such a vibrant and lively town abandoned. The smoke from beyond the hills encapsulated the entirety of the town, diminishing its once pure beauty. The bright colors of the houses became darker over time, as dust and debris dance through the air hugging the houses as they found their new home. The town had aged out, no longer youthful and vibrant. Those that could not leave stay hidden, looting abandoned homes, not living just surviving. Waiting, preparing for when the fateful smoke visits the town once again.

  6. An old soul looks outside her window and looks at the sad sea. As she moves toward the beach, she gathers all her memories of how exciting this town used to be. She walks barefoot and remembers when the sand was warm and the sea was always smiling, welcoming all visitors. She takes a glance at the quiet sea, and inhales very deeply reminiscing what this place used to be. She goes closer to the shore and she lets the water greet her again to rekindle that connection.

  7. Once a town full of zeal and ambitions is now a town full of adrift dreams. Only a few are left who remininisces about the time spent along the cliffs. Memories are left for the lonely souls that are curious to know about the lives spent years ago. Few are left but some hope for comfort which is hard to get here. Waiting and waiting for a ship filled with righteousness to begin a new life on the pier. The docks to start a new journey with the freshness in the air.

  8. A woman walks along the beach marveling at the view and peacefulness. The only sound is that of the ocean water brushing against the rocks and crashing into the sand in perfect harmony like a chorus in a song. The mountains so captivating and unblemished. Her mind and soul lost in this untainted world of purity. No complications, no obstacles, no uncertainty just a moment in paradise where everything is heavenly. A place where she releases her thoughts and leaves behind the reality of her deadly illness.

  9. On the last ship is an old man, wanting a fresh new start. No longer wanting to see those fifty homes, he thought to himself “this is the right decision.” The sandy beach was no longer enough for him to stay. On the ship, he focused looking into his telescope to see what awaited for him beyond the shore. He did not know what was in store for him but he was desperate for company.

  10. Laying down, swinging back and forth on a hammock. Lost on a remote island amongst the vast sea. Staring at the blue hue sky as far as eyes can see. Got up to walk the shore, curious as a new born baby. Staring at the beautiful water from afar, watching the waves pass by like a sonic wind. Birds chirping, passing through the air like the autumn’s leaves. Feeling the warmth of the radiant sun in, beaming down. Lost in deep thought.

  11. It was a special day, the birth of America. The sunset is setting and on the pier looking up at the sky seeing colors flash before my eyes, Red, blue and white sparkling upon the sky. On the shore there are tons of boats in the river surrounded by each other. Each boat filled with bright smiles and bright eyes. Around the shore are filled with big beautiful houses, summer houses. The show of lights were over and it was time to go to bed. This summer is one ill never forget.

  12. It was a very sunny day when everyone in the village heard a very loud noise coming from far in the sea, that seemed to be getting closer and closer. Since the village had been deserted for some time now, anything coming in was new to the few ones that were still residing here. The people rushed to edge of one of the many cliffs where they were able to have a clear view to the jewel-blue sea that had a reflection of the sun so bright, the people can only see a big dark ship-shaped shadow while squinting their eyes. This was a ship like they’ve never seen before …

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