Feb 28, 2019

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Pueblo  – Kevin Rojas


A small town surrounded by friendly locals who make their living from selling gifts of the earth. Widely known for their fruit trees and flowers, the streets are always crowded with smiles and laughters. This is the place where festivals take place with beautiful carpets of flowers. The streets flourishing with high spirited women dressed in a tunic-like dresses, performing traditional dances. As you walk through the energetic streets you’ll come across packed tents that host delicious home made meals and flavorful popsicles and sweets. The luscious aroma of the food sparking your cravings. Most of the crowd are groups of children lined up for the colossal and stomach-churning rides. High pitched screams and laughter, every one is having a great time. Fire-works lighting up the sky with vibrant colors, but this small town’s greatest gift of all, is it’s majestic view. Whether you are on top of a terrace or just driving around the city, you can see this Volcano from afar with its cloud of smoke.The massive presence of the volcano hovering over this small town can be felt throughout.The people seem to not even notice it anymore and just go by their daily routines.  At first you’ll think it’s just an erupting inferno, but it’s more than that. As you stare into the view you’ll feel the breeze and smell the earth. It’s peaceful and perfect, this small town is perfect.


  1. This town became one of the top places that tourists wanted to visit. As they started to come in, they admired the energetic streets, vibrant colors all around the town and decided that this was the place to settle down. Traditions started changing. Slowly over time, those fireworks and it’s vibrant colors were dimming down. The town was losing its sparks within. This small perfect town was no longer the same.

  2. Could the dimming be from the outsiders? Tourists came from all over the world to explore this small town and marvel at all the culture packed into such a small space, but now it’s as if the space has become too cramped. They massively outnumber the local at the street fairs. They buy their souvenirs in the new hotel’s gift shop instead of the markets. They throw through their trash into the streets assuming some truck will come by and sweep it up in the morning. They don’t appreciate the internal moving parts that makes this small town flow so effortlessly, it’s too inconvenient for them so they only admire its surface.

  3. Staying in the town, a couple feels a small rumble. The shaking went away as fast as it came. They check outside to see what’s happening, yet no one seems to care about what happened. Thinking they were in a paranormal hotspot, they went about their day only to feel it again. This time they clearly saw a more huge puff of smoke rising from the volcano. They thought they were about to be in the midst of a natural disaster, and again the rumble went away as fast as it came. This slight sense of thrill, the beautiful view, the feeling of being in a home. Everything about this town made you feel as though you should never leave, as this town had contained a bit of everything that everyone wanted. It was an adventure, yet it felt like home. It was time to leave the town, and the couple regretted their decision to not take more vacation days. Someday, they vowed, they will return back to this place, the place they call their second home.

  4. I will never forget life back in the small town I grew up in as a young child. Now that I reside in the city, the air isn’t as earthy and instead of the smell of trees, I smell the pollution from the skyscrapers that surround me. I’ll never forget the fruit, dripping with all-natural juices, straight off the neighbor’s tree or the beautiful flowers that sprouted from every corner. Most of all, the view is what draws me back every summer but now my heart lays within the hustle and bustle of the city.

  5. It was a leap of faith and a chance to escape, I wanted excitement and somewhere to run. I closed my eyes and picked a place to buy a one way ticket away from my old life. Fate brought me here, to this small town full of vibrant colors and carefree spirits. The beautiful views and traditional colors and dances opened my eyes to so much more than what I was exposed to in my mundane life. I used to see volcanoes as destructive forces of nature but now I see them as so much more. The volcanoes resemble beauty to these people and is beautiful to me. I told myself I would never look back and with a place as naturally beautiful as this why would I.

  6. I gaze upon the volcano upon the horizon with a childlike-sense of wonder. I have traveled the world seeing the vast beauty which it holds, but I have yet to see a sight admirable as this volcano. Energy, that to the likes which I have never felt, emanates extensively successfully blanketing the small town. Though the awe I feel may have become a norm to the residents, I can’t stop the feeling which is so readily held at the forefront of my thoughts. Mother Earth bares the sustenance of this small village and its people, and harmony could be broken at the behest of Mother Earth’s volcanic fury almost instantaneously. A possible catastrophe masked under the guise of such a beauteous landmark.

  7. Confetti is blown through the air, a young girl in a yellow and pink dress notices a boy with an interesting but handsome look. She continues to study at his smiling face, just admiring the scene. He eventually notices. Some time has passed, he gets the courage to shyly introduce himself. She appreciates his genuineness and smiles back in satisfaction. The innocent young pair talk about what most people talk about when they first meet someone. “Aw come on, I’m not much younger, only by one year!” he says. “Your birthday is in December, so it’s really almost two!!” She laughs, happy with his response. The kids find themselves leaning against the volcano after a short walk, watching the magic that unfolds during the annual festival.

  8. As the bells ring a new day begins. People rush every morning to church and pray for a well harvest. Living in a religious town can be difficult at times though. Some months there would be terrible droughts which made it impossible farm and produce money for people to feed their families. In the streets of the town after church families meet up and have cookouts. The children run around the courtyard playing tag while their parents have conversations. All seems well in the religious town, but they are unaware of the tragic fate that awaits them as the volcano is on the brink of eruption.

    1. Interesting angle Kal:”Living in a religious town”. I wish you stayed on that one. Also the ending sounds like an opening. Good work.

  9. This is a story of summer and winter. In a far away land named Pueblo. It’s a unique town in which from a specific angle you can see the both seasons coexisting peacefully. On one side resides an active volcano that rains white soot, in which from a certain light one might think it’s a snow flake. Meanwhile on the other side resides a mountain full of green and prosperous life. On top lies a cathedral, built in all white in contrast to the green acre of land it lays on. Many come from around the world either for the magical soot believed to heal any physical injuries or for the holy water from the cathedral believed to heal all internal illness (mentally or spiritually). Some believe the land is magical because like the Aurora Borealis is a phenomenon due to the solar energy hitting the magnetosphere, so is the land of “Summer and Winter” called Pueblo.

  10. Every Sunday, as we leave mass, my family and I stand on top of the hill gazing out at the volcano and the parks below. I have a tradition of making a wish each Sunday from atop of that hill before we leave. We then enjoy the rest of the afternoon going around town to the different food carts, listening to people in the town playing instruments and making beautiful music. I most enjoy the horse carriage ride through the town as I watch the children run around laughing with balloons, blowing bubbles & flying kites, it’s the most amazing feeling. Nothing can go wrong here. It’s a town full of love, happiness almost a fairytale.

  11. Going to this town for the first time I was surprised to see the vibrant colors, friendly attitude and loving people. It was a majestic and magical place to live in. I thought I was living in a dream never wanting to wake up from it. This place is perfect where one can relax, have no worries and live life to the fullest. In the end this place will seize to exist due to the erupting volcano ready to ruin everything at once.

  12. It’s like I remember it like it was yesterday. Meeting the love of my life here in this happy place. We were just kids running around and playing tag. Who would’ve thought starting off as best friends that we would end up here? This small town started everything for us. The celebrations, the dancing, the joy in everyone’s faces. It was always a beautiful time to be surrounded by people. As young children, my boyfriend would steal a dandelion from the flower station every time the seller wasn’t looking, to give to me. The sellers would shake their head laughing, knowing we were bound to fall in love one day. We would create little scenarios of the volcano exploding and us having special powers to run through the lava. This place sparked our imagination and created so much memories for us, which I believe made our bond stronger than ever.

  13. An essence of beauty as I gaze upon the sky as the lightning struck. I can hear rain hitting the window sill and smell the fresh earthy smell, so pure. The rain is washed away with the beauty of the rainbow. I see a couple laughing together cracking jokes and they can’t get enough of each other. Not a day goes that they are not together. On a gloomy Wednesday, I see the girl and she’s lonely, I can sense the sadness in her eyes as tears come running down her cheek. Watching her cry for days and weeks. Little did we know his life was taken away suddenly. They would always hang out by the bay and just sit back and watch the sunset. A few years later, she drives past the bay and now is swept away with fond memories of her first love.

  14. The village once use to be full of natural resources and materials. It was surrounded by fruit trees and flowers on very corner. The local people were energetic and very loving people. Everyone in the town had known one another. Due to all of the tourist attractions, it’s environment has been affected. With all the new infrastructure it had destroyed the lands nature beauty. The local people felt that their homes were being inhabited by the rich tourist seeking a vacation home.

  15. As the sun goes down the street lights go on. The atmosphere begins to change from children’s laughter to adult chatter. The music shifts from quick whimsical notes to lively romantic tones. The popsicles turn into beer bottles and the sweets turn into exotic drinks. This small town comes to life in a new way. The walkways are now lined with couples strolling about looking for their next adventure. Those that find themselves alone are hypnotized by the smell of rich flavorful food coming in from every direction. Women laughing men talking loudly to attract them. The night swells with excitement as conversations spill into the streets from every club and bar. And as always the volcano staring down on everyone like a silent menacing parent making sure its prescience is known. The town is just as beautiful as it was in the light of day but now for a different crowd.

  16. The small town was a year-round tourist attraction spot. The town was known for the sunny weather, friendly locals and delicious food. The distinctive food and culture gave the town a unique touch. The immense popularity later attracted the wrong attention. Displays of wealth made tourists easy targets, luxury watches and smartphones are the first possessions to turn up missing. Cab drivers that have been sitting parked for a while watching people walk past. Two friends leaving a bar viewed as gullible and naïve, with phones and jewelry in full display. They are approached and asked if there in need of a ride, getting into the vehicle without hesitation. The two friends are held at gun point, putting all their possessions into a bag and are driven to a deserted location and told to get out.

    1. Sometimes the meat of writing emerges following a few lines and this seems to be the case in your passage. Your piece actually starts at: “Two friends leaving a bar”. Good work Samantha.

  17. The young lady sat in on the bench as she watched the sunset behind the volcano. The festival in the background could be heard as the children laughed and cheered on the rides. It had been a long time since she visited this small beautiful town she grow up in. And as she watched the sunset she recalled being on that same bench with her mother a tender memory she remembered. She smiled, as she got up she wish she could stay longer in this beautiful town she once called home.

    1. This reminds of one of your previous pieces. Great pov as always Carla. I’m glad you always take a corner and watch attentively.

  18. Pueblo will forever hold a special place in mine and your mother’s heart. This is where we met for the first time. As the sun is beaming down on the heads of the people that are admiring the beautiful culture of this town, i’m trying to stay cool under the shade of a randomly placed umbrella on the sidewalk. I am just here to enjoy the weather and the wonderful energetic atmosphere. While i’m drinking my fifth beer, maybe sixth if i remember correctly, i see her right across the street from me trying to order what seemed to be some sort of flavored shaved ice on a cup. I do not know where i got the courage to go talk to her, maybe the beers helped me out a little i suppose. All i know is that if we weren’t both at the same place at the same time in Pueblo, we probably we would have never met.

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