1. Like global warming there is much skepticism and debate about this remote island. There are many activists & scientists that have continued to do research about this island and have pushed for the government to intervene and help the wolf and other species before it becomes too late. The species can become extinct and eventually the island will become this abandoned place. The government has reluctantly started to help by bringing in wolves by helicopter and sending in contractors and other groups to help to rebuild the roadways, plant new trees bushes all around. They have sent in vets/ zoologists from all over the world to help these animals and offer their research analysis on what needs to be done so that the species on this island survive and the island does not become desolate. With the help of these activists, scientists and volunteers from all around the world, this island of ecological wonder will continue to preserve its beauty, and wonder.

  2. One night the villagers hear weird sounds and think they are under attack. They quickly prepare to fight but hear a baby cry. As they approach they find a woman unconscious on the ground next to her crying baby. The woman is hurt. Some villagers put their weapons down while others checked to make sure they were safe. How did they get here? The villagers carried the woman and child back to their home. An old wise villager who has healing powers tend to the injured woman, while the others clean up the baby and wrap baby in warm blankets. This wise villager says the lady will be ok, but needs rest. They put oils, light flames around and leave her to rest. The next day the woman is conscious but cannot speak. She cries and can only use her arms to symbolize the motion of carrying baby. They reunite her with her child and she hugs her baby tight, kissing baby & crying in happiness. She gestures her appreciation with her 2 hands together, like in prayer and hugs one of the villagers tight. Was this woman lost or was she running from something or someone?

  3. I have lived between the border of Canada and Northern Michigan since before I could even remember. I have always been fortunate enough to be neighbors with the wolves and the moose that would often drink at the lake behind our house. Fast forward to today, my favorite wolf with the unique patch on his chest, looks old and frail, the increased population of moose travel along the dangerous roads and the vast greenery is disappearing all in the blink of an eye. My childhood dreams of living amongst these beautiful creatures is slowly becoming a nightmare.

  4. They look at us like we’re aliens when we gather to sing and pray. My people attack like vicious animals, hunting for our big feast. I am not like the other villagers, I am not a vicious animal. I do not want to harvest crops with my brothers in the morning. I want to be like the outsiders that get into cars, drive off and return with bags of produce that I spent my days picking. I pray that one day, I can have the technology that they have. I want to be normal like the outsiders.

  5. Response to Tonya

    Dazed and confused, I am not sure where I am. This place seems familiar, maybe this is the place I heard about in the stories told by the elders, about a magical island that was once home to many packs and where food, water and shelter never ran out. This looks like it could be that place but its different, its warm and I am feeling sick. I am not use to these temperatures, and there are these creatures that look at me strange. There is so much land here but I am stuck behind some fence. There are others here, they look as frightened and confused as I.

  6. Response to Kalpesh:

    I am starting to question our purpose. Day after day we follow the same routine and sing the same songs, life is so predictable. We chase away strangers before we even get to know them. There was a young boy who wandered into our village one day, he looked just like me but he did not understand our customs. I tried to be his friends but my family chased him away. I never saw him again…. I wonder where he went. Maybe there is more to life beyond the village. I plan to leave one day, in the dead of night. My thirst for answers is to strong, it begs me to leave. Maybe my family will understand…. I hope they do.

  7. He had gone for a hike in the woods and didn’t return to work the following day. After the realization of his disappearance local officials and searchers went straightaway to find Elmo. In the woods, the howling of the wolves could be heard. Searchers scanning the area using their flashlights revealed their glowing green eyes in the dark. The body was found in the snow and bite marks from wolves were identified. It was the first fatal wolf attack reported signaling humans not to intervene. Nature should be kept untouched and the wolves should be left alone.

  8. Response to Kalpesh:

    As a little kid, I always wondered what the other kids were doing outside of the village. Every time I asked mama, she would yell at me and to be proud of where I from because our ancestors found this place. I kept wondering, but I never let mama are anyone else know. When a visitor would come onto the land, my family and the neighbors would have their weapon in hand and tell the children to come back inside the house. They were always scaring visitors away instead of welcoming them in. Where were these visitors coming from? Why did they look different from us? Why did they dress different from us? I always would ask myself these questions. When I got in my twenties, I wanted to become more independent and I would always tell mama I wanted to explore outside of the village. She would yell at me and think I was silly. She told me if I leave, I was disrespecting our family, our ancestors, and our village. I couldn’t be trapped in this place any longer. I loved my family dearly, but I wanted to do what was best for me. That would be the last night mama and my little siblings would see me. I packed my stuff and snuck out the house. I kissed the ground to give my apologizes to the village and I set out on a journey.

  9. Response to Tonya:

    As we were walking through the snow on this remote island, my father tells my brother and I to avoid stepping on the branches because the wolves and the other animals will hear us. “It’s very rare for people to come here, and the environment is not doing so well” my father said. I can just imagine these poor animals are very hungry. I didn’t want to be the bait though. I tried to walk carefully and slowly to avoid making too much noise. My brother’s glasses begin to fog up. He accidentally steps on a branch. We stop instantly and look around for anything that could attack. In the corner of my eye, I saw something move rapidly but I couldn’t detect what it was. My heart starts racing. “Dad, I almost saw something. We should just turn back around before it gets worse. As we try to turn around, from a distance we see wolves moving slowly towards our area. We have no place to hide and they can probably smell us. We look around and we see other animals approaching our area from the other side. I can tell this is not going to end so well. As they get closer, we stand still and make eye contact with each other. The wolves and the animals growl. The wolves scare away the animals. This one wolf that controls the pack, stares at me. My father tells me don’t panic. As we’re both staring at each other, and as crazy as it sounds, I felt protected. The wolf howls and the other wolves behind him follow. The wolf turns around and all the wolves make their way back.

  10. The lonely wolf lays on its stomach too tired to hunt. The air around to warm , the sun warming his skin. A new feeling it never has felt before, the snow slowly melting grass peeking through. The night is not how it used to be the cold air doesn’t settle on the island anymore. The wolf closes its eyes imaging a time where all the land was once snow. Where it would run with the rest of its pack.Wind passing through it fur. That was a long time ago, a peaceful time it was for that lonely wolf.

    You could hear the singing and laughter in the distance as i walked closer. My foot stepped on a twig and with that alerted them with my presence My return home wasn’t well received. The judgmental eyes the village people give me as I walk through ,whisper here and there of the girl who left to the outside world. I am an outsider to them no longer family. But I am not here for their judgement for I received that long ago and as I walk to the house I once called home I don’t regret leaving these place.

  11. Isle – Just as the humans have always come and gone, they claim that they themselves are the heroes for saving the animals. Yet, they are the original cause of the problems that are happening in this environment. Why pretend to be the heroes when they are the villains themselves? Being a savior is up to the perspective of the “victim”, and yet if the victims never asked for help, should they have received any in the first place? No, they shouldn’t have. Not everything needs to have an improvement, not everything needs a change. Yet, here we are, with this predicament in our hands. Clearly, this land is not doing well, and the animals within it are suffering from just the very few humans inhabiting it.

    Kalpesh – The very sight of these trees are enough to make one drop to their knees. Never has anyone in humanity experienced this kind of compelling looks from simple trees, but these exist for a reason. A group of researchers begins to travel to the village, trying to find out the mystery of the trees. From the villager’s perspective, a group of people try to force their way into their homes, asking about how everything functions, what their lives are like. They even try to ask about more private matters, one that involves fornication and the naming of what everything is. Yet, these people expect hospitality from the villagers, as if the villagers owed the researchers because of simple respect and the concept of humanity. Someday, they vowed, the goddess will answer their prayers and nature will pay back in full for the humiliation they have faced and the destruction of some trees.

  12. The Village

    The tall trees provide tropical fruit and vegetables for the villagers to eat. The coconut trees stand 100 feet tall and the hard shelled fruit weights nearly three pounds. The falling coconut catches significant speed when hurdling toward the ground, hitting an unsuspecting villager, causing a serious blow to the head. The villagers consider the dead villager a sacrifice in exchange for sufficient food each year for everyone in the village to survive.

  13. Over the past few decades due to global warming the border of Canada and all the way reaching to the Northern part of Michigan the temperature has dropped. The hungry packs of wolves are unable to adapt to the warmer climate. This enchanted forest once had crystal clear streams, and snow covered spruces. Many researchers have discovered such a large population of pack of wolves. But if this deterioraring climate continues the wolves will no longer survive. The hungry wolves have nothing to left to eat.

  14. The Village
    The village once was home to thousands of people where they have spend most of their loves. Most days were spent doing the normal routine, every morning the entire village would wake up bright and early to head to work. Everyone in the village had known one another since it was so small. The village bared many different kinds of fruits and vegetables like mangoes, coconut, jackfruit, and bananas. One summer, all their crops had depleted and the villagers had no idea why. The few slices of mangoes were shared between the children and later starvation kicked in and the whole village quickly dwindled down to no remaining village. As the famine period lasted over two months.

  15. Response to Tonya:
    Human action in the island has helped to rescued these majestic breed of wolfs, although the place that was once their home has been losing its brightness to an irreversible point. The island is dead ground now, what is left from its past is nothing more than white bones and a few flowers and trees that have adapted to its change. Vultures have stopped flying around the land and other birds migrated seeking better food and refuge. How can Mother nature be so cruel and a make everything be so overwhelmingly captivating at the same time ?. After years have passed the life once more started to grow back. cold winds and white snow will cover the land and the trees, holes with rabbits white as the snow will camouflage and take refuge from the predators. The wild life has come back and with them the Wolfs that once ruled will take over again and hopefully a new life cycle will begin.

  16. Tonya

    As humans exert their influence upon a land which may usually not be inhabitable without external forces, their actions begin to play a part in the destruction of said lands. These lands and the animals which reside within their freezing confines are afforded new adversaries, hindering that which was once second nature to them. They lose their ability to freely roam and hunt their prey for the safety of a group of newcomer humans. The balance which was present for billions of years is dissolved and replaced by disparity


    The ancient trees hold the villager’s survival within their branches, yet they also reveal secrets which are long forgotten. As the wind blows the leaves, an inaudible whistle ensues upon the land, calling upon the tree goddess to be watchful upon the trees livelihood and the villagers which rely on the strongly grounded roots. As daytime turns to dusk, the tree goddess weeps upon the land, and yells with a crackling screech. Within a square perimeter of 4 trees, the ground is struck, and smoke begins to billow into the homes of these 4 villagers. A near-miss of lightning leaves the leaves upon the ground ignited and an energy emanating upwards to the villagers as they pray to the tree goddess for continuous safety during the tree goddess’s bout of anger.

  17. Isle Royale

    The freeze and thaw maintained the natural balance of the island. A delicate balance that was achieved over thousands of years. But for every balance that is achieved a state of imbalance had to be inflicted. This island was created when great the glaciers carved deep into the land, but the glaciers only took hold because of the mentor that crashed into the earth. The impact throwing tons of ash, dirt, and toxins into the air allowing the earth to cool. This time the imbalance has been caused by humanities march across the globe. Just like other forces of nature we are carving up the land and changing the air. Humanities need to invent threw off the scales of nature, and hope remains that our inventions could restore balance. But keep in mind that even if we fail. Nature will find balance on her own, with or without us.

    The Village

    The night was deep and dark, the village an oasis of lights. The villagers were deep in sleep, all save one. An elder of the village sits in his home, stoking his cold hearth back to life. He lives alone. For his daughters live with their own families now. His only son was lost during a great storm that flooded that village. His wife shortly after their son was lost, ran mad with grief into the forest claiming to hear the cries their lost son. He always wondered what it was she heard if anything. The hearth now a bright flower in the middle of his home bloomed with warmth. The flames creating dancing shadows of all the items in his home. The crackle of the wood, his only companions for conversation. By now the morning sun started to dilute the deep dark of night. Out his window, the old man could start making out the individual trees. He scanned the tree line to see if anything had changed while night lived in the forest. All was normal until he noticed a shadow. It was not the shadow of a tree or animal it was a human figure. He opened his door, the figure moved. That’s when he heard it. The humming, that song! That song he wife would hum to herself while cooking. That song she would hum to her children as the fell to sleep in her arms. That song he heard for the first time she lay her head on his chest the night of their wedding. Without a second thought, he ran into the forest yelling “I hear you! I hear you!”. He ran far and fast into the forest until his own cries could no longer be heard.

    1. Lovely take on “Isle Royale”. I specfically like how elegantly you articulated this concept:”But for every balance that is achieved a state of imbalance had to be inflicted.”

      Also, great story on Kal’s suggested environment. Images and sounds work beautiful and hand in hand.

  18. Response to Kalpesh:
    The colony it self is the perfect bond between nature and human kind, a respectful and humble relationship. They are hidden from the rest in a forest with no name where they live according the laws of nature. Their location is unknown the place it self is full of mysteries . people who have stumble into this place lose scene of time but learn the meaning of living in peace and they prefer to stay. The colony doesn’t reject any people is a utopia for all living creatures, it has no concept such as discrimination it will welcome even the heartless and more evil creature and it will change it for good. The place is a pure and innocent but so much that it makes fragile. No place is strong without experiencing the true recklessness of nature.

  19. The Village
    A secluded village that is surrounded by nature and nothing else. The villagers consider themselves one with the land and animals. They teach their kids from a very young age how they’re connected to everything that surrounds them. They take the kids on hunting trips to teach them how we give and take away from nature. They only hunt what they’re going to eat that very same day and only cut out plants to make way for new ones. This gives the kids a more meaningful connection and spiritual bond with the bountiful life around them. They might seem disconnected to the rest of the world but it seems like this is might an advantage they have over the rest of us.

    Isle Royale

    Once a beautiful island full of life, is now being stripped of life by the most dangerous predator on the plant, human beings. The land now completely barren and destroyed. All the animals have either been forcefully moved or made to adapt to humans. The island is now replacing wolves for humans it seems. The majestic wolves that once hunted it prey on this land have now become the prey. It seems no matter where humans tend to go they result is always the same. Maybe one day this island can go back to being what it was.

    1. Kevin I really like how you explained the life in the village: “They only hunt what they’re going to eat that very same day and only cut out plants to make way for new ones. “

  20. Response to Tonya:
    The wolves look down to the island from the helicopter while they’re eyes slowly begin to shut. They are wondering where their next stop will be and what is to come? Will there be others like them? Will there be anyone or anything that they recognize? Or is there enough food and water? The wolves are exhausted from the constant worry if whether the land was appropriate for them, if they were captured or about any other necessity to survive.

    Response to Kalpesh:
    Suddenly one day, when the villagers woke up there was no longer of the morning dew and glow that the village had. The trees and their crops had been slashed. They were a few minutes away from finding out that some of the villagers were missing, men and women but no children. The life of the villagers had changed overnight. They now lived in fear. Was it possible that those villagers had been kidnapped by some intruders? Or was it the villagers themselves that had been angered of living under control and wanted change?

    1. Ashley, great start with wolf’s point of view. I wish you’d kept it to concrete details of what they possibly see or feel while sedated.

      Also interesting response to Kal’s. I wonder what happened in the village. And the visible sign of it is loss of morning dew and glow of the village…

  21. Response to Tonya

    This snowy and deserted island is home to the lonely wolves. These hungry wolves prey on their predators waiting for someone to arrive. They become anxious on waiting for their environment to give them food to survive. The cold wintry weather makes it hard for the packs to live. The wolves have a sense of hope that one day their dream of becoming one with the community will be filled with love and not fear for one another.

    Response to Kalpesh

    This village is regarded as a sacred place for the villagers. They live their lives according to the norms of society and not how they want to. They live simple lives not asking for much. The villagers aren’t aware of what the outside holds for them beyond the barrier. It’s beauty represents the people and their cultures. They are enthusiastic on the outside but feel secluded on the inside waiting for someone to help them to be free once again.

  22. Between the border of Canada and Northern Michigan. One day while the Elders was sitting outside in the backyard not too far from the lake. Around 6pm in the afternoon, telling old stories. It was not cold that day when they heard the wolves howling. We got up to go inside thinking the wolves was coming to attacked them. The great great grandpa stayed out there to see what’s wrong. Three big wolves approached him as they look tired and and not as strong enough to hurt anybody. As soon they got closer, grandpa understood what was going on. He told everybody the Island is in trouble. Everybody was like “ what?” “ yes it’s getting too warm, and the forest is changing and the wolves are getting sick and they are dying because they are not use to the warm temperature we need to get help now! “ Grandpa said. Words went all the around the island. The government had to step in to help the wolves. A few of wolves already dead and the government managed to move the rest of the wolves to a really cold different location hopping they will adapted to the new location until they figure out the problem with their previous location.

  23. Walking in the forest late at night Jenna heard a big music/noise coming from somewhere. She was scared but she was curious at the same time. Two voice in her head was telling her two different things. “turn around and get out of the forest” the other voice “nah i gotta see what’s going over there”. She didn’t know what to do. After a good 5 minutes standing there. She heard drums, singing and partying. Jenna continue walking towards the noise as she moved a couple branches of trees. She saw very tall big green trees and and little lights inside each trees. The shape of the trees was different which caught her attention” wow its beautiful” Jenna whispered. Next thing jenna was tackled down by the villagers who’s protecting their village. “who are you” the villagers said. “my name is Jenna and i mean no harms” She said. “Leave and never come back You are not one of us, next time we see you we will kill you, eat your flesh and drink your blood” the villagers yelled at her. Jenna run home and never say a thing to her family. She also learned to stop being noisy and mind her own business.

    1. Interesting take and tales on both these pieces Diasmine.
      You have your own unique ways of storytelling and language.

  24. Response to Tonya
    I turned off my bot-watch after reading what was of Isle Royale about 63 years ago. In just four short minutes I get to see how it used to look before all the melting and deteriorating happened. The once precious white land was exposed to the toxic and acidic air that we’ve humans have adjusted to. Well… more like we’ve been injected to adjust to. As I read of free wolves and the frozen roads, I thought about how it might have been to live on either side of Canada or Northern Michigan close enough to see the island. To maybe see how alive this place looked and perhaps even feel the cold air and the snow. I’ve never even seen real snow before. And I mean the kind that actually falls from the sky. No one my age has. The hover train stopped, and I finally have my chance to see what this place once possibly was. It is protected by a dome and everything was pretty much artificially made but it just so beautiful it seems real. The dome was clear enough to see through, but I know if I touch its outside it’ll feel just as warm as the air is outside, so I stay watching it from a respectable distance wishing one day a time like this can come back.

    Response to Kalpesh
    On the 20th day of June, an annual celebration occurs. The villagers rejoice the independence and ownership of their precious land. They spend the day giving back to nature as well as thanking it for all it provides to their survival. The elders of the land gather the children for story time and tell about the time of who the dirt under their soles once belonged to. A big city no more than 100 miles from it tried to take the village for its own. They planned to build the tallest of skyscrapers that passed the height of the thousand-year-old trees and cemented roads over the mud and leaves. They told the children there would have been “smart cars filled with dumb people” all over the place and face always with a grumpy look because they never came together to sing and just be happy. The elders would end the story with a smile and say, “but we won our land fairly and that’s why you are here today”.

    1. Nice take on Kal’s Daniela.
      Also your “Isle Royale” sounds very interesting although I was not sure of the perspective.

  25. The Village — The lights in the small village flicker and turn off one by one as the night falls, and now it is as dark as the sky that surrounds it. The sounds of people coming and going about their business throughout the day have faded away. The moon hangs high about the treetops and the sky glitters with stars. The only noise you can hear is the sound of the wind singing in a low hum as it bumps into the trees and forces them to dance.

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