1. The marvel behind the island’s ascension leads spectators to ponder upon the scientific possibility, but science merely lacks in ability to address this phenomenon. It has been said this island was once inverted, as to have had the mountain as the visible aspect while the town developed underground. The townspeople were banished to sheol after working great destruction upon the face of the earth. Insomuch that they became hated in the eyes of the gods. The king was said to be a mere figurehead, for the townspeople’s real leader was the wretched one, known as the Son of the Morning. At the gods request, a purge became necessary of the earth to aid in its once beautiful exterior and interior. The gods determined that to make the purge possible, the son of the morning and his townspeople were to be banished to reside with the clouds and were not to return. So below in the depths of sheol, as was above in the ascended realm. This island can be seen as an island suspended in perpetual judgement, isolated from the populace of the earth.

  2. The city of Ascension was a very religious city. There wasn’t much people in the town. The town was ruled by one powerful religious King, but that didn’t stop the enemies from attacking them. The town people always praying. They have faith that there’s a God and when they die they want to go to heaven. They never attack other people. The live quietly in their little town. Intruders always try to pick wars and fight with them, for the land. Saying that the Ascension people are weak and they don’t deserve the land and they should gave it up. Intruders killed a lot of Ascension people just to pick wars with the king but the king never fight back. He just pray to God. One day the King finally decided to fight back because He was angry that all his people are dying. He prayed & asked God for forgiveness, then united the rest of the people he had left to go fight. They were getting ready to fight when they heard a big noise. Everybody looked to see the ground was spitting. The whole Ascension city started to fly into the sky. Most of the enemies fell into a hole. The rest was in shock they started to run away while the king and his town / people was flying. They were happy that they didn’t have to fight but scared at the same time because they didn’t know what was going on and where they were going. Flying for 7 days till they came to a complete stop. The people started to look around to see the beautiful blue sky and clouds at their feet and eyes level. The other side of the city was a big mountain upside down. It was also very cold they had to put on warm clothes. The biggest shock they had was when they saw two dragon flying around the city. It seem like the dragon was protecting them, so they began to relax more. The king set up a big prayer with everybody in town and they came to a conclusion that it is God’s work. God is protecting them from the enemies and that they should never stop praying and give glory to God. Years after years pass by the whole Ascension city lived happily ever after, until God call them.

  3. Many people think the story is as simple as they hear it. The king made a deal with a wizard to protect his land and thats it. But protect from who? for what reason? Turns out the wizard is the king’s older brother and the land that was once flat and one sided, was inherited from both of their parents. The wizard had been practicing magic since he was very young and he wanted to incorporate that with the people of the land that they were both ruling together at the time, the king on the other hand did not agree with the idea of magic and that caused a rivalry between the brothers while still ruling the land. The wizards people and the kings people were starting to cause trouble in the streets and destroying the land with their fights. The brothers had to come up with a deal to split the land and the wizard did his thing, until this day however, we still do not know exactly what the deal was …

  4. Ascension rose high to the air leaving behind a large pocket in the earth. Rivers not caring that the city was gone still flowed. Over time the rivers, rain and snow slowly filled up the large cater, making it a deep blue lake. The land around the lake became green and full of various flora and fauna. The changing seasons would show off the different moods of the make. Summer was warm and inviting. Fall was mysterious and crisp. Winter quite and ever-watchful. Spring playful and restless. Eventually the lake attracted people. They would build small cottages and eventually create a village. The village a quite place fishing and swimming were favorite pastimes. The people were content and never aspired for more then to enjoy the lake and the riches it provided. The people of the village sometimes wondered how this place came to be, they had hear of stories of a missing city but never thought to hard on it.

  5. Ascension was a beautiful city. One day The buildings were falling apart, and the sound of the ground cracking gave me goosebumps, the world was shaking, I was on the 8th floor and everyone in the building were running and panicking. I can see the fear in their eyes I stood still, I was paralyzed, I couldn’t move or breathe for a moment. I asked myself is this the end? I hid under my desk and prayed it for all to be over, time had frozed. It was finally over and I was able to see another day, my life flashed before my eyes. cars were left abandoned, houses were no longer houses, these are not our homes anymore. Some of us were lucky to be alive but not all of us made it. Tonight we sleep under the stars in the city of ascension, all I think about is when will be the next time I get to sleep in a bed or even eat a meal. I hope the days will get better and we get the help that we need.

  6. This city of Ascension was a city of peace. With the wizard making a deal with King, no one questioned how long this deal would last. It wasn’t until one day as the dragons were soaring in the sky to guard the city from any intruders as when they noticed a deep crack in the pavement. As they soared closer, they could to inspect the deep crack, they could hear noise coming from the other side. The dragons hurry along to the King and tell him there is something wrong with the spell. The king hurries out of his thrown and tells the dragons to retrieve the wizard. As the dragons send the message for the wizard to visit the King, they notice the wizard doesn’t look too good. The wizard arrives to the King’s throne and tells him he has been poisoned by an enemy who knows about the deal. The wizard is weak; therefore, the strength of the spell has gotten weak and can break any minute. The King gets dizzy and thinks of the all the possible damage the humans can do if they come from Earth.

  7. Rumors have traveled saying other parts of the world have become like us soon after we did. And that the clouds blow through them just as they do through us. I have heard that our lands actually belong to the guarding dragons and that long ago there was a battle that forced the ground to rise up to a more protected place. This war was within the people and the earth which nearly destroyed all living things. Luckily, saviors came, and our city was the first to go. The sky was our safe sanctum from the cruel earth floor that now lies far below us. Although we had to share our space with an ecological landscape, there are no complaints from us, we’re just glad we’re safe. In fairness, every 6 months we turn over so that the beautiful nature filled place gets its proper nutrients from the sun to last it the other 6 months we turn back. Some say this is true and we have majestic guardians to thank for our refuge and escape. Whether or not it is, I still look up to thank whoever may be responsible for our beautiful new world.

  8. The City of Ascension was a magical place where one could see and hear the angels singing and dancing. There was peacefulness throughout the land and the clouds moved at eye level.
    The King was the leader over all the townspeople and under his rule all were satisfied. On this breathtaking landscape, the people lived and thrived. They worked and toiled the land as it gave them their livelihood. One day destruction came causing this beautiful land to break apart. Everyone got separated from each other not knowing how this could happen in this sacred land. This was a sign of punishment for those who failed to listen to the gods rather than the King. It was a disaster to see the once majestical land turn into a broken masterpiece.

  9. The people of the city were pure at heart. They could do no wrong and see no wrong. They were naïve and gullible and easily fooled by their, evil king. He convinced everyone that there was a threat of attack on their city, and in order to protect them he needed to keep them out of harms way. He told them he was using his Godly powers to pushed them out further onto their own clouds, where no one could harm them. He recited the story of Noah’s ark so that he could gain the peoples trust by making them believe what he was doing was something similar in their best interest. The people thought the 2 dragons were brought there to protect them from an attack they did not know the truth, that they were actually the kings guards watching over them. They were there to make sure no one tried get away…

  10. It is now the year 3000. We have just time traveled to the ancient city known as “The City of Ascension”, a place that was once described in our favorite childhood books. The kingdom lays on top while the mountains hang upside down. It is quite the sight but not exactly what we have always pictured it being. Due to climate change, the running streams have dried up, causing a disruption in the ecosystem. The dragons have gone into extinction, leaving behind a vulnerable, unprotected city that will soon become developed to attract those willing to travel in time to The City of Ascension.

  11. 3 citizens were reported missing in the City of Ascension for the first time ever. It is told that those 3 citizens of the city of Ascension became curious about what life was like on the other side of the world. They knew that it was the forbidden side of the wizard and the kings most important rule was to never trespass. It was the only thing that was known about, other than the side that they lived on. They disobeyed and to this day their whereabouts are unknown.

  12. We all learned how our world started years ago. After work, I lay in the grass and stare at the sky. We are not allowed down from the small floating island, and our knowledge is limited. It’s dangerous they say, but ignorance is darkness too. Most people are thankful for the lives we have but I waste my time thinking. I had a dream I was floating in the sea one night, and a woman the size of the moon lit up the darkness and swam under me. People of the sky came from people of land, so that means people can be living in the sea too, right?

  13. The City of Ascension was once a magical land filled with mystical forests and gardens. The world underneath belonged to the wizards. The people of the land were going through hard times and their King was unconcerned of their well being. The people needed help and they were aware of the powers the wizards held. The king didn’t want any humans to be in contact with the underworld. Anyone who would try to contact the underworld would be punished. Soon the people started to lose all hope, and overthrow their king. The people knew that they needed the wizards to help better their land and people. However, the wizard’s powers were too strong to be used outside of the underworld.

  14. Both parallel sides lived complete opposite lives. The king and his people had fulfilling lives whereas the wizard lived alone. The wizard was unknowingly banished to the underworld. His magic was marked as a threat and the king wanted him to be separate from his people. The wizard realizes his presence is not accepted in the land and his magic is seen as the devil’s gift. The wizard decides that his magic will not be used to the king’s advantage. He uses his magic to banish all the people to the underworld and gets rid of the king. The dragons hear the commands of the wizard and open their mouths unleashing fire onto the king. The death of the king marks the wizard as the new ruler.

  15. The floating city is controlled a secured by a secret cult of mages, the Kirin. The Kirin watches as the skys surrounding the city on the lookout for darkness. These mages also keep the city afloat using a spell, and keep a magic barrier surrounding the city protecting it from the darkness. The city itself was ripped from the ground to keep it away from the darkness. People who would like to leave the city have to ride dragons to whatever destination they choose. The City of Ascension is a beacon of hope in the sky for the people who are trapped in the darkness, a peaceful and quiet sanctuary for those who live in it.

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