April 2, 2019

Dear class,

It was great to see you all today and to pick up our reading. I will disregard tardiness today since we were returning after a week, but let’s make sure we are on time starting next Tuesday (I understand some of you don’t care, but focus and presence is an essential part of a writing class and as your instructor I care about that). Also biking to school is a great idea and it’s the season for it–if it’s not windy and if you are within an hour biking distance from campus and in case it fits in with your commute plans. I will personally start doing that and recommend it. In that case, you will be all awake and we will enjoy one another’s company.

For next class we are reading half of Pedro Paramo (All pages of this pdf). Your writing response is to summarize these 50 pages.  (Minimum 200 words).

Please do not forget to respond to your classmates’ posts. Your response to summary can include your opinion on your friend’s perspective towards story: What they have included and what they have left out.

We also have the Spanish version in our resources, in case you prefer Spanish version, it will be interesting to have some of you read it in original language.

Please keep in mind that your essay drafts are due April 16.

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  1. In Pedro Paramo, the main character, Juan Preciado, is travelling back to the village in which is mother was born in, Comala. He promised his mother he’d go back to meet his father who he has never met. On his journey back to the village, he stumbles across his half-brother. His half-brother shares the same father, joins him and becomes his guide back to the village. Juan notices the village is dead along with his father, Pedro Paramo. He slept on the floor of a room, hosted by the woman who greeted him on his way into the village. This woman happened to know his mother and considers him as one of her own sons. After a night of weird events, he meets Damiana Cisneros and speaks to her on his path to understanding his family. She turns out being one of the ghosts she warns Juan about and disappears on him mid-conversation. The town gets creepier as he hears noises, voices, murmurs and faraway songs. He then meets another woman and her brother, Donis, who allow him to sleep in their house. Donis keeps the woman inside because of her sins and she is unaware of what is going on around her.

  2. Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo is a novel about Juan Preciado journey back to the town of Comala to meet his father Pedro Paramo. After the death of his mother Dolores Preciado, Juan travels to Comala to fulfill his mother’s deathbed wish for him find his father and get what he is owed. On his travels, Juan first meets Abundio who guides him to Comala. Juan learns from Abunido that Pedro is dead and that Abunido is his half brother. When they get to Comala Juan comments on how the place seems dead. Adubido admits that the town is dead. Then Adubido directs him to Eduvigaes Dyada could provide him a place to stay. He learns that Edivigaes and his mother were friends when she used to live in the town. An evening conversation with Edivigaes reveals the Abunio had been dead for years now. From that point, we learn more about Pedro and how he was a man of power and money. We learn that he has various illegitimate children with other women. Eduvigaes tells the story Miguel Paramo who was the only child that Pedro recognized has his own. Miguel is not a good man, he cruel and a rapist. He is killed one night in a riding accident. Eduvigaes learns of his death when the spirit of Miguel comes to her that same night. Juan stays the night but is woken up but Damiana Cisneros. Damiana knew his mother and watched him when he was as a baby. Damiana tells Juan more about Pedro and how he pressured Juan’s mother to marry him. When Juan questions how Damiana knew he was in town even though he was in a town over he discovers that Damiana is a spirt. Damiana disappears and Juan finds himself alone in the streets. He is taken in by Donis and his wife, Juan questions if they are alive or spirits also. The wife is not trusting of Juan who judges conscience by the way he sleeps. She thinks he a thief or a murder. Donis dismisses her worries and in the morning Juan leans that Donis wife is also his sister. Juan questions them on the people of the town he had met, but they are more concerned with the missing calf.

    1. I like the way the story is summarize, this story contains a lot of tragic events and dead. basically Juan Preciado is on this journey of discovery. Comala is like a center for family reunion because Pedro Paramo wasn’t a parent of one family, he will have multiple and leave his kids with their mothers. Juan’s mother basically say to not ask pedro but to tell him to give Juan what he never give to her , which is basically love and stability .

    2. This summary is very straight to the point and gets the knowledge in quickly. There are barely any important details that are missed in this summary. You also talked about Miguel, something that can easily be looked over because it is, although one of the major discussions in the book, confused with the father. The first time I read the book I confused the son with Pedro and I thought Pedro was the rapist, but it was the opposite.

  3. Juan Preciado is sent by his dying mother to seek out his father Pedro Paramo whom has abandoned his children before they were born. Juan is sent to Comala whom is guided by Abundio who is Juan’s half brother. Juan finds out that Pedro is dead by Abundio. The village is mostly abandoned when Juan gets there and his mother is dead a week before. Juan meets Eduviges Dyada, a sort of innkeeper, and is informed that Eduviges and Juan’s mother were best friends when they were younger. It seems as though this town is filled with spirits, as Abundio is dead but Juan was able to speak to him, according to Comala. It is learned that Miguel Paramo, one of the many children whom Pedro truly accepted as his child, was so evil to the point where not even the priest would bless him to go to heaven. It is later learned that the town is full of spirits, one of whom is Damiana who confronts Juan and tells him the story of what happened between his mother and Pedro. Juan finds out Damiana is a spirit by asking her how she didn’t know his mother died but somehow was able to know that Juan was in the town next over, of which she then disappears when asked if she was alive.

    1. After reading this response, I found it interesting that there are some parts I must have skipped over while reading the passage that now complete the story. I did not realize that the Pedro, the father of Juan had abandoned his children before they were born. I also found the part about Miguel not being accepted into heaven interesting.

  4. At the request of his mother, Juan Travels back to Comala. He goes there in search of his father Pedro Paramo. When he arrives there, he meets Abundio whom guides him through Comala. Juan finds that Comala seems dead. It is nothing like the stories his mom shared and described. Everything is dead… Soon enough after telling Abundio he is there to find Pedro Paramo because that is his father, he learns that Abundio is his half brother. Pedro is Abundio’s father as well. He wants to know where he can find Pedro but learns that he too has died. He later meets Eduvigaes. Juans mother and Eduvigaes were friends. Juans spends the night and hears many stories. He also learns about Miguel Paramo. Miguel would also be his half brother. He was one of the children Pedro Paramo recognized aa his own. Miguel was a bad person, an evil person. Later on Juan also meets Damiana who turns out to be a spirit. He meets Donis and his wife. The wife is also Juans half sister. Juan is not certain if they are real people or spirits. The town seems full of spirits, almost haunted by spirits.

    1. I like that you pointed out that Abundio is his half-brother because even though I read that they shared I father I didn’t make that connection of “oh yeah, what a coincidence!”. Such a weird town from the start!

  5. In the novel Pedro Paramo, Juan Preciado, the main character makes a promise after his mother dies that he will go to Comala to meet his father, Pedro Paramo. Juan never met his father because he left before he was born. When he arrives to Comala he finds that it is a ghost town. On his search, he comes across a gentleman named, Abundio, who is his brother. Abundio guides him and gives him some advice on where to stay. Juan finds out that his father is dead and is told to go to Donna Eduviges’ house. Donna is an old friend to Juan’s mothers, and she makes him sleep on the floor because she doesn’t have a bed for him. Juan is getting freaked out by hearing all these voices and screaming. An old lady by the name of Damiana Cisneros, shows up and takes him to her house. She later disappears on the street after telling him that the town are full of ghost. Juan even more creeped, continues walking and is taken in by a naked brother and sister who live in an old, run down house. These siblings also seem to be husband and wife. Juan overhears them wondering if him staying inside the house was a bad idea.

  6. Pedro Paramo is the story of Juan Preciado as he searches for his estranged father, Pedro in a very strange town after the death of his mother, Dolores. Upon arrival, Juan quickly learns from a guide that the town his father lives in, Comola, is deserted and his father, who is now dead, is the reason for the town’s grimness. Pedro was a wealthy man who owned much of the land in Comola and employed many people to work on it. He was powerful and greedy and hated by all. Juan’s experience in his father’s town is one that is filled with paranormal and supernatural events. People seem to come and go like ghosts, each retelling stories of Pedro to Juan. The story also flashes back to intimate moments with Pedro and the turmoil that he met in his life, like the murder of his father as well as his son. Juan travels from strange home to strange home owned by even stranger people. Other than the few people he meets, he sees no one else in Comola. At his last stop, a woman tells him that at night the streets are filled with people but none of them are alive.

    1. Hi Tonya,
      I really liked your emphasis on the fact that the towns grimness was the fault of Pedro Paramo. You showed the connection of Pedro’s greed and the hate the people of the town had for him with the towns current status. It is deserted and full of spirits and supernatural events. It reminds us that our souls do live on, and we want to live a peaceful, loving life and hope that we have a peaceful and loving afterlife, tge same as we lived.

    2. Tonya,
      I was unaware that Pedro Peramo owned much of the village. I read that the entirety of the village was dead based upon the experiences that Juan learned as he traveled through the village. I also agree heavily regarding how the travel of Juan from home to home leads him to consider the strange people which he meets in each home. It draws a light upon the influence of each person upon the progression of the story and how each person influenced the progression of the story.

    3. Tonya,
      I like the way your summary portrays the reader in a way that I hadn’t seen it before. It made me realize the importance of scenes that I hadn’t overlooked. For example, I was aware of the spirits and the ghosts but I hadn’t really seen it as a ghost town until now. Before I hadn’t focused on it but I’m glad that reading your response allowed me to open my eyes more about the reading.

  7. The story of Pedro Paramo begins with a man named Juan Preciado traveling in a town called Comala, a place he promised his deceased mother to go and visit to locate his father Pedro Paramo. On the road he meets a man named Abundio, who turns out to be his half-brother, also having Pedro Paramo as his father. As they walk, it became obvious to Juan that the town is abandoned and desolate like a ghost town, with the heat in the town being considered worse than hell. Juan then was told by Abundio that their father had been dead for years. Juan proceeds to go to Dona Eduviges’s house at the recommendation of Abundio. At Eduviges’s house, Juan is told that his mother was best friends with Eduviges and that she could have been his mother because Delores sent Eduviges to consummate for her honeymoon because she was told that the moon wasn’t right the day of her wedding. While at her house, he is told the story of Abundio and how he would recommend people to come to her house for money until he went blind and ultimately perished. Parallel to this story, we learn about Pedro as a child. During the time within Eduviges’s home, Juan learns of the story of Miguel Paramo’s death and how he wronged against the priest, Father Renteria, killing his brother and sexually abusing his niece Ana. Due to these actions, Miguel is painted as an all-around morally corrupt person. The father was tasked with performing the funeral, and refused to intercede on Miguel’s behalf, even though Pedro allotted a fistful of gold coins. This led to a internal conflict for the priest, who was uneasy because he did not want to offend the rich for they financially supported him, yet the poor did not support him because prayers could not sustain him. Through this internal conflict, we learn about the death of Eduviges, who only did good yet committed suicide which was unforgivable to God. After learning of her death, the reader is introduced to Damiana Cisneros, who appears after Eduviges leaves. While still at Eduviges house, Juan learns that a scream which he hearkened upon was from a man named Toribio Aldrete who was hanged gruesomely by Pedro within the room he slept in and left there for his body to dry out. This leads to the introduction of the backstory of Toribio. Toribio was illegally manipulating property lines by putting up fences between the Paramos and his own properties. Pedro claimed he would handle it, while also handling his debt by marrying Delores Preciado, Juan’s mother. Damiana Cisneros then walks through the town with Juan telling of how she hears echoes of people throughout the town, and before she can respond telling if she is alive she disappeared. After Damiana disappeared, Juan met Donis and his sister, which are a couple, and learned that all those which reside within the town lack the grace of God. Ultimately, this town seems to be riddled with death and each person’s sins seem to overlap with each other, producing a story which comes full circle as each new character is introduced.

    1. Hi Brandon,

      Your summary of Pedro Parmao was very descriptive, reading your summary/ interpretation helped me understand the the pages a little more. I felt that your response highlighted all the major events that happened in the reading.

    2. Brandon reading your post made me reassure myself of the doubts i had about the reading. Your summary was very detailed and made realized a failed to missed some key points to the stories. I also liked the observation you made when you ended this summary “Ultimately, this town seems to be riddled with death and each person’s sins seem to overlap with each other, producing a story which comes full circle as each new character is introduced.” It makes a lot of sense to me, thanks for this well put summary. helped me a lot

  8. In Juan Rulfo’s Pedro Paramo the main character Juan Preciado travels back to his mother hometown after her death. His travel is mainly to look for his estranged father Pedro Paramo. On his way to the town on Comala he meets a man named Adundio who is also heading to the town so Juan follows him. They have a small talk and Abundio tells him that his father is also Pedro Paramo. Juan notices that the town is rather dead and asks Abundio about this he tells im that ‘they have had bad times’. He later meets Eduviges Dyada who tells him that his mother told her he was coming. She also tells him that they were best friends when they were younger. He stays at her house in a room she provides that has no bed. A later talk with Doña Eduviges reveals that the man he was traveling Abundio was already dead ,which would make him a ghost. That is not the only ghost Juan encounters he meets Damiana Cisneros. Damiana is an old friend of his mother who took care of him when he was a baby. While they as talking Juan questions her about how she knew he was there and she disappears mid conversation. The book also goes into the past into the lives of Pedro Paramo and Dolores Prediaco. Pedro sends one of his men to take care of his errands and ask for Dolores to marry him as soon as possible. Dolores agrees. Returning to the present Juan meets Donis and his wife who is also his sister. The wife does not trust Juan very much and feels like he has commited a sin.

    1. Carla,
      I felt that the recap that you wrote of the story, nicely captured the main points of the story. It was short and sweet and shows that you understood the details of it, despite its confusing parts. It took me two tries to really get the order of how things happened because I felt that a lot of characters in the book were introduced at once. I think it was great that you mentioned the most important characters that had pieces to understanding the purpose of Juan Preciado’s journey.

  9. In Pedro Paramo Juan sets off on a journey to visit Comala to visit his father whom he never met. Juan is doing this to satisfy his mother’s wishes of visiting her hometown. Throughout the novel, we see that Juan experiences some internal conflicts as he set off on this journey without much guidance as to where to go and who to see. Juan thinks about his childhood a lot and the experiences he has had with his mother. In the begging of the novel, Juan meets Abundio who drives burros and shows him around. We find out that Abundio and Juan are half-brothers as they share the same father. What is interesting as this does not come as such a shock for either characters; they brush it off as if it is not a big deal. Abundio refers Juan to meet Dona Eduviges who was Juans mothers best friend as a child. There is some confusion between the characters as we find out that Pedro Paramo is dead, Eduviges was expecting Juan to visit because his mother told her even though his mother had been dead for 7 days and even when Juan mentions Abundio, Eduviges says that he is dead as well. The story is full of mystery as we learn more about the now abandoned Comala and the history of Juan mother and father. We learn from the very beginning that Pedro Paramo was not a well-liked man and they reference him to evil.

  10. In Pedro Paramo, Juan Perciado is searching for his father whose name is Pedro Paramo known to have a bad reputation. He takes a visit to his mother’s village in Mexico called “Comala”. His view of this village is not so lively he describes it as “dead”. He doesn’t know how his father’s description but he carries a picture of his mother to help his father recognize Juan’s mother. When he asks about Pedro paramo, they tell him he died a long time ago, at this point in the novel I was curious if Juan is alive or is a ghost? He referred to the village being deserted and dead. Eduvigas Dyada was expecting Juan and invited him in her home and he found it strange that his mother had already informed her that he was coming. Eduvigas was told by his mother that she was expecting him today and he didn’t understand because she had died 7 days ago. Juan describes himself floating and comparing himself towards a rag doll being played with and feels as if he’s in another world. He’s looking back into his past when he thinks about Susana, when they use to fly kites through the village and how they use to watch it slowly disappear into the deep blue sky. He runs into another lady who knew his mother and says that she was almost his mother. They knew each other well and she even said that his mother had a good way of talking people into doing things for her. The day of Dolores wedding night she didn’t want to sleep with Pedro so she talked her into taking her place on that night and the following year later Juan was born. Dona couldn’t handle being with Pedro anymore and she left to live with her sister. This place that Juan last visits is not described as silent anymore, all you can hear are empty wagons throughout the night and he also said it was like opening a wound of blackness. In this novel I believe this story transitioned from light to dark for example when the light shines upon the lady’s face when she says can’t you tell “I’m ugly”? He responds it’s an ordinary face. Another example when he describes Susana’s face glaring in the light as he was thinking about her.

    1. Hi Samantha,

      I found it interesting when you said that Juan carried a photo of his mother to help his father recognize Juan’s mother. I knew he carried the photo, but I probably missed that part. I also found it interesting when you pointed out that Juan described himself floating and comparing himself towards a rag doll. I wasn’t too sure if Juan was dead or alive as well, but reading that he was seeing all these ghosts, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was actually a ghost too.

  11. Rachel, I was confused whether if juan was dead or alive in the story and thanks to your response I found out that he’s dead. As i was reading the novel, It did mention that one of the characters shared the same father but it didn’t occur to me that it was Abundio he plays a major role in juans life and it is rare that they don’t seem to be “shocked” when they find out that they’re brothers. I see him as a wanderer throughout his journey because he doesn’t really have much guidance as you pointed out in your response and those who wander means that they’re not afraid of whats going to happen next and that takes a lot of courage.

  12. Juan Rulfo’s novel Pedro Paramo starts off with the character Juan Preciado going back to a town called Comala, where he was supposed to find his father Pedro Paramo. This was his mother’s Dolores last wish on her deathbed. On his way to the town he noticed the town seemed dead and deserted, he encountered a man named Abundio who was also going to Comala so they decided to go together. Abundio turned out to also be Pedro Paramo’s son, but it made no difference to them when they found out. Abundio revealed to Juan that their father Pedro had been dead for many years already. Abundio tells Juan to go visit Doña Eduviges who was his mother’s best friend. She told him his mother told her he’d be arriving there that same day, she she had a room ”ready” for him, but it was an empty room. While he is at her house we learn many things, how Eduviges could have been his mother as she spent the night with Pedro on the day him and his mother got married, also he learned that Abundio had been dead for long but that he was a known to be a good guy around the town, he also learned about Miguel Paramo who was also a child of Pedro but he was known to be an evil person who had killed the town’s priest’s brother and was a suspect of raping his niece Ana, the priest was still in charge of the mass of his funeral which he hated because he thought that he should not be forgiven and sent to heaven. Later we find out Eduviges committed suicide. After Eduviges house Juan goes to Damiana Cisnero’s house who also knew his mother and also turned out to be dead, and told Juan the town was full of spirits and then disappeared. Juan later meets Donis and his wife, which are also brother and sister. Juan wonders if they are alive or they are also spirits. Donis’s wife does not trust Juan, she feels threatened by him and does not want him staying in the house.

    1. The summary does a good job of condedining the narrative what a reader can get a good grasp on the events. You included enough detail that it highlights the characters we encounter threw the narrative. Think it would encourage someone to read the novel for themselves.

  13. The story of Pedro Paramo is told through the journey of Juan Preciado in a search to uncover some answers of his past. Throughout the reading, it seems as if the town Comala is an abandoned ghost town filled where all character introduced to Juan have been long gone from existence. These people, however, reveal themselves to Juan and all add details to knowing more of who Pedro Paramo is. As a request from his recently deceased mother, Juan travels to Comala, where his mother Dolores was form, Juan seeks out to find his father Pedro Paramo, of who he knows far too little of. On his explorations he finds that the man who guides him to the city is in fact another son of Pedro Paramo. Abundio, the half-brother, leads Juan to stay with a woman named Dona Eduviges who quickly exposes that she was an old friend of his mother Dolores for much of their lives. During his stay, Juan has an encounter where he discovers a man named Miguel Paramo, another son of Pedro. It was revealed that Miguel was a cruel man that committed many evil sins. The spirit of Damiana shows herself to Juan as well and helps him understand the past of his mother. Juan is then led to a man named Donis and his wife/sister, who give him a place to stay for a bit. Donis and his wife had a suspicious and rather unhealthy relationship. It was discovered that the people Juan was meeting in Comala were dead and although almost none of the encounters were real, what they spoke was all true. It appears the Pedro Paramo was no good man at all, we learn that he was a wealthy landowner of Media Luna who was the father of many others in the towns.

  14. In Juan Rulfo’s “Pedro Paramo”, the narrator Juan Preciado decides to travel to Mexico to a village named Comala. The purpose was to keep his promise that he made to his mother before passing away, that he would travel to Comala, the village where she grew up and where he plans to meet his birth father for the first time. As he was on his way, he encountered this man that would guide him for his journey. It turns out that he is Juan’s half brother, Abundio, another son of Pedro Paramo. Meanwhile, Juan Perrciado begins to observe as they get closer, he says that it looks deserted, his half brother proceeds to tell him that it is because it is actually deserted and that not even Pedro Paramo lives there anymore because he is dead. Abundio gives Juan Rulfo bad first impressions about their dad to Juan describing him as an evil human being and that the only son that he ever claimed was also a very malicious person. Overnight a spirit named Damiana came to him and they begin conversating. Juan is curious to know how is that she knew that he was in town and about the others death.

    1. Ashley
      Your response to the story helped me understand the text better. You highlighted the main points which portrayed the central idea of the character’s story. It was simple and short which I admired.

  15. In Pedro Paramo, the main character Juan Preciado is sent by his mother Dolores to find his father Pedro Paramo that he never knew. Paramo abandoned Juan and Dolores before Juan was born. Juan’s half-brother Abundio guides him to Comala, located “at the mouth of Hell,” where ghosts speak from the grave to describe the sinister influence of Pedro Paramo on the town and its inhabitants. Juan dies without discovering his identity, since he never met his father. Paramo died years before Juan’s arrival, murdered by his son Abundio. Among the ghostly voices of Comala is that of Susana San Juan, Páramo’s childhood sweetheart and the obsession of his life. When young Susana left Comala in the company of her father, Páramo waited thirty years for her return. When she reappeared, she was psychologically disturbed by a past relationship.

    1. Helped me understand the relationship between Juan Preciado and his father better. Your response was also very specific to the text, giving certain details I overlooked.

  16. In the story Pedro Paramo the main character whose name is Juan Preciado is going to the village of Comala, where his mother was born at. He is going to Comala because he promised his mother on her deathbed that he would go there and see his father who he has never met before. While on his way to the village he meets a man named Abundio, who turns out to be his half brother and in fact they have the same father. While on there way to the village his half brother Abundio tells him that no one lives in Comala anymore and that their father had died years ago. On his arrival to Comala he sees that it is deserted and it’s like a ghost town. He is given directions to Dona Eduviges house, who is a old friend of his mothers. She gives him a room to sleep in but the room has no bed. She tells him that she was one of his mother’s good friend and his mother told her he would be arriving even though she died a week ago and she goes on to tell him other things and many stories. Throughout the rest of the night he goes on to meet many other people who all turn out to actually be dead and they are actually spirits. Throughout these encounters he learns more and more about his father and mother and his family as a whole and more about the people in this deserted village.

  17. Pedro Paramo by Juan Rulfo is so far a story about a man named Juan Preciado who went to see his mother’s homeland “Comala”. His real goal was to meet a man named Pedro Paramo who was his biological father. On his journey to Comala Juan encounters a man named Abundio who shows him the way to Comala. While entering the town he meets a woman named Eduviges Dyada who claimed that she heard his mother’s voice telling her to wait for her son. She cleared out a space for Juan just in time for his arrival. Juan later recollects his memory of his childhood friend Susana. After some time Eduviges tells Juan that Abundio has been dead for years. Juan slowly folds the mysteries of his father’s life. He discovers that Abundio was also Pedro’s son, as well as that a man named Miguel was also Pedro’s son but his name has been tarnished since he sexually assaulted Ana who was his niece. The story is filled with ghosts, each telling their own stories. In the beginning of the book Juan mentions that the town had no one in the streets but he still felt a lively presence.

  18. Before Juan’s mother dies and her dying wish is to go to Comala to meet Pedro Páramo. He learns Pedro Páramo is his father whom he is unknowledgeable about. Shortly after Juan goes to Comala describing the place as a ghost town, the first person he meets is his half-brother and Pedro Páramo is well known. During his stay he goes to Eduviges’ house being an old friend of Juan’s mom. At Eduviges house he stays on the floor and during the night he is woken up by a man screaming and right after an old lady shows up, Damiana Cisneros. Juan goes to Damiana’s house, the conversation they have is all about the town being haunted, full of ghosts. He leaves her place and is offered a place to stay by a brother and sister. He learns pieces about his father from everyone he meets, angry Juan as he was abandoned realizing he has siblings and his father lived a separate life.

    1. Your summary was very informative and concise. I liked how you said the part where Juan had realized that he lived a separate life. He never had his father’s love.

  19. In “Pedro Paramo” by Juan Rulfo is about a young man named Juan Preciado on a quest to find his father in the town of Comala. Juan’s mother has passed away, one of her wishes was to go back to their hometown of Comala and for Juan to meet his father. Juan respected his mother request and visits Comala. Comala is described as a beautiful town, green plain view, acres of land where corn is harvested, and all the houses are white and in the night time, it’s all light up. When Juan goes to visit Comala he finds that the whole town is dead. In his journey, he meets Abundio which turns out to be his half brother. Abundio then informs him that their father, Pedro has passed away a long time ago. Pedro is seen as a greedy man and also a negative father figure because he had abandoned him and his mother. Along the way, he also meets Eduviges Dyada who is his mother’s best friend. Juan listens to many stories about his father and about his death. He starts to recall his childhood memories and his crush Susana, that later moves away. The whole town seems to be haunted with spirits.

  20. In the novel “Pedro Páramo” by Juan Rulfo. The narrator begins By taking a trip to his mother’s home village of Comala. She has recently died and asked him to find his father, Pedro Páramo, in the village where she was born. As he approaches, a man on a burro, Abundio, surpasses him and leads him down to the valley. Abundio discloses to him that he is Pedro’s child too, and that their dad has been dead quite a while. He introduces Juan to the large expanse of land around Comala, called the Media Luna. In the town, he remains with a lady who is likewise is also a wandering soul. Comala turns out to be a kind of purgatory, full of its dead souls, who wander the town, usually unaware that they are dead. Among the spooky voices of Comala is that of Susana San Juan, Páramo’s childhood sweetheart and the obsession of his life. At the point when youthful Susana left Comala in the organization of her dad, Bartolomé, Páramo hung tight thirty years for her arrival. When she returned, she was mentally disturbed by an incestuous relationship forced upon her by Bartolomé. Don Pedro’s expectation and dreams that lived in Susana are never satisfied. Susana, who genuinely had happiness, has lost it until the end of time. Juan, whose trusts are attached to his dad, dies, like his mother, with those hopes unfulfilled. without finding his personality, since he never meets his dad. Páramo passed on years before Juan’s entry, killed by his child Abundio. The empty, purgatorial town Comala, lives on, loaded up with its ghosts and unfulfilled dreams.

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