April 4, 2019

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Here is our creative blog for Thursday.

We have Juan and Samantha Perez.

Deadline Wednesday night 8pm



Juan Franco 4/2/2019

ENG 162W

Holy Tree

Suddenly I woke up with my hands tied behind my back on the back of a truck driving through what seemed to be a very rocky or bumpy road. Everything seemed a blur to me, I felt dizzy and all I could remember was dropping off our bags at the hotel room and going out to enjoy the remaining of the night. I noticed I was alone on the back of the truck so struggling I removed the blindfold from my eyes, and right away all my senses returned to my body. I could smell the vegetation around me, the moisture of the mud on the road, plants and trees, I heard birds chirping from far and close to me as the car moved, I also felt some pains on my body as if I had fallen and hurt myself and finally I saw that we were driving on a very narrow cliff road. After a few hours driving, the car stopped I had my blindfold taken off and I was removed from the car and escorted by some men that had the appearance of a savage soldiers or something like it, they had armor made of wood and no guns of sign of any connection with technology besides their truck. They took me to the entrance of what seemed to be a secret place because the door was covered with branches and big green leaves. We went through the door and then a long path that was surrounded by plants, flowers, and small thin trees that their ends at the top connected giving the illusion of a tunnel made form these trees. The path took us to this place where there was this colossal tree with its roots spreading all over the ground and up other trees, the tree shot up to the sky and had like a natural glow. I had never seen anything like it so with admiration and stunned with my eyes following from the bottom to the top of this tree, my first reaction was ”Holy s…” ”Holy Tree! is the name” a deep voice shouted, I sounded like it came from the inside of the tree …


Samantha Perez

my creative vblog


  1. Response to Juan:
    I panicked as I heard the voice from the tree respond “Holy Tree is the name”. I started to run away and suddenly I was swooped up in the air by its roots. It was as if the tree had hands!!! As I screamed, the tree suddenly released its grip on me and told me “Do not be afraid, I will not hurt you. We need your help. That is why we have brought you here.” As I watch in disbelief a ton of leaves begin to swirl in a circle, almost like forming a tornado. The tree tells me to watch closely. Suddenly like looking into the future in between this leaf tornado there are images. There is this image of government workers cutting down hundreds of trees throughout the land. They are destroying this natural beauty. (The tree has given me a glimpse of the future) The Holy tree begins to explain that my help is needed to stop the government from destroying what’s left of our forests throughout the land. “My child we have seen what your determination has done to help so many throughout this land and now your beautiful land is asking for your help to intercede and help to stop this destruction. I beg of you to please help save our forest.” As I look around at the beauty of the forest and of this ginormous tree, I could not resist. I was afraid of this talking tree and now I am determined to save this amazing tree. I agreed to do everything in my power to stop the destruction and preserve our forests.

  2. Response to Samantha:
    Ali is looking for something in her mom’s closet. There is a shelf that has a box with towels covering it but Ali could see part of the box. She gets curious and opens it up. There are hundreds of opened letters from Noah that she had never seen. Her mom had hidden them this whole time. It occurs to her that Noah broke up with her because of her mom no other reason. Ali begins to cry, she was so angry with Noah for so long but never stopped loving him. Ali confronts her mother and tells here she is ashamed of her. How could she keep her from her true love? Ali storms out. She immediately books a ticket back to the town where she fell in love. She is determined to find Noah and apologize. She can only hope he will forgive her and most of all that they can be together again. The love she feels for Noah, she could never feel for anyone else. She gave him her heart and she never got it back. He is the love of her life and she wants him to know that. Will Ali and Noah be reunited…

  3. Juan:

    “Holy Tree, Tree of life, Mother tree. History thinks that Eldorado is a city made of gold, but really its a piece of Eden on Earth. When Adam and Eve were banished from the garden, God hid the tree of life. Here in this screat place, the navel of the world the tree lives. We are surrounded by our enemies Conquistador. Will you deliver us from bondage? …

    …Together we will live forever.”


    Ali sits in a cafe looking out the large window in the front of the shop. An endless parade of people walk past. The persistent opening of the door rapidly cooling off her coffee. Just another chilly morning in the city. She places the pile of letters her mom gave her on the marble tabletop. Her hand rests on them almost like she is trying to decipher what is in them just threw touch. The discovery of the letter’s existence brought back memories of the summers in Charleston and of Noah. But she was not sure if they still made her happy. The ignorent idealistic Ali of those summers was gone. She was a woman of knowledge, reason, and logic now. Would opening the letter really informer her of anything more of what she already knows. That young Ali knew nothing about what rematic love is at that age? or she and Noah were buying into the typical narrative of finding the “one” as the only path to happiness? Only one? she wonders to herself. She was glad to have found her happiness within herself and with many others. With that thought, Ali gets up and swiftly heads out the door. Leaving behind the neat pile of unopened letters.

    1. It was interesting they way you continued the story by Ali not opening the letters because maybe her life has changed a lot since the breakup with Noah. Yes ali was young and has matured alot realizing she has her whole life ahead of her and realized shes moved on. Thank you for this beautiful piece

  4. Response to Juan:

    I was in shock when I heard the tree speak. This must be a dream I thought. “Touch the tree” one of the soldiers said. Hesitant of what may happen, he yelled this time. “I said touch it!” he shouted. As I place my palm covered in open wounds and dirt, I close my eyes tight as my nerves are going through the roof. After touching the tree, I open my eyes and see a beautiful scenery of grass and beautiful trees with white flowers. I see my sweet mother and wife that passed away a few years ago. “Mom, Sara, what are you guys doing here?” I asked. I wanted to hug them so tight, but everything felt like a dream. “We love you Michael, we’re okay here.” “You don’t have to worry no more” my mother assured. I can feel the tears building in my eyes and my tight muscles finally relaxing. This is what I needed for closure.

    Response to Samantha:

    Everyday Ali was day dreaming about Noah. She hopes that one day they can get back together. She truly believes he was her soulmate. She just hated how things ended between them. Ali has been locked up in her room every day since they broke up. Her mom notices that her daughter is sad. She sits on the edge of Ali’s bed rubs her leg. “Sweetheart, everything will be okay. You can do so much better anyways. Why don’t you date that boy from down the block? That kid named Danny. He’s on the football team, he is a top student, and I’m sure his family has a lot of money. At least he can take care of you better than Noah” her mom said. “Mom I don’t want Danny, I want Noah. You and Dad don’t even like him for whatever stupid reason. He’s perfect the way he is. Ali’s mom was furious and stormed out of the room. She knew Noah sent a letter, but she didn’t want to give it to Ali. She hides the letter in the bread pan to hide it temporarily. She picks up the laundry basket to finish doing laundry and forgets about letter later on in the day. A few days later, Ali finally has the courage to get out of her room and make her self-breakfast. Her mother rushing to work, kisses her on the cheek and races to the car. Ali opens the bread pan to make toast and sees and envelope with her name on it. She realizes it was from Noah. She was happy and furious at the same time. Of course, her mother would hide the letter. She goes to her room and gets paper and pen to write a letter back. She tells him how much she loves and misses him, and they should run away to live their own lives without anybody in their business.

  5. Juan:
    I had to stop and fully come to terms that the voice had come from a tree. “The tree just spoke to me! Is she-, he-, it-, really speaking?” I asked. The men in their wooden armor turned in an about-face line and walked straight into the opening at the tree trunk. There I was left all alone, my friends probably wondering where I disappeared to for happy hour and I’m here, in a mystical forest, with a talking tree.

    I hid the letters from you because Noah is nothing but bad news! Look at the town he lives in, absolutely horrifying. How dare he think he can even come close to you, my one and only daughter. You have it easy Ali! Why would you ever want to speak to this boy again? He doesn’t have time to travel back and forth to see you, he is too busy with his job. You deserve someone from the city. Here, let me introduce you to my friend’s son, Michael.

  6. Response to Juan:

    I have known the holy tree my entire life. My family; a long line of devotees have been protecting the tree for generations. We do not concern ourselves with the technology of man, but with the gifts of the earth. it is a tradition that every 20 years we make an offering to the holy tree, as it is the only way to keep the earth balanced. I witnessed my first offering when I was a child, this would be my second. The elders talk of how much good the offerings bring us, an abundance of water, rich soil, but as I look into the eyes of this innocent man I feel that there must be some other way.

    Response to Samantha:

    It has been 20 years since I last saw Ali. after I heard her parents speak about me I knew I would never be good enough for her, no one would be good enough for her. Ali was special and deserved someone who would give her the world. How could a boy from a small town give her the life she deserved. Not too long after I broke her heart my family moved away. We grew apart and the love we used to share just felt like a ghost lingering behind me. I always wanted to go back to Charleston, I wondered if the town still looked the same. the cracks in the sidewalk and the old row boats by the river were still there as if frozen in time since the day I left. I walked to the old dock where we spent our summer days, like my memory was being painted right before my eyes… and there she was.

  7. 1.(Juan) As my brain attempted to process what or who just spoke, what felt like 100’s of questions began to rush through my head. “Where am I?” “How did I end up in the back of their truck?” I was unable to come to terms with any of these questions. I yelled the only response which would come to mind. “Who are you?” There was only silence. A soldier came to my side and said, “Bow down to the Holy Tree.” I was hesitant at first, but as I bowed, the tree began to be engulfed in light. This light gleamed similar to the appearance of a fire in a forest of darkness. This light was divine and left me speechless, causing me to forget the hundreds of questions which I pondered upon shortly before.

    2.(Samantha) It has been 5 years since Noah last seen Ali, yet he still thinks about the unforgettable times he had with her that last summer. The sound of her voice, the way she smiled when he attempted to do flips when jumping off the dock only to land on his back, the countless movies they watched and poked fun at. Life was like a dream in those days. With every summer that passed, his yearn to see her drew stronger. Noah began July 4th like he had ever since she left, hopeful. As he drove to the lake where they had once shared so many memories, he saw a figure from afar. The woman was jumping into the lake off the dock. As he drove closer to investigate, he could not believe his eyes. It was her. Their eyes locked, and upon her face, that smile which had not left his mind since she left.

  8. Juan,

    One beautiful spring day, My boyfriend and I was walking through the forest planning our wedding. I turned around to tell my him how beautiful these flowers are he was nowhere to be found. I found my myself going deeper and deeper into the forest. I was walking between these pretty pinkish purple flowers, big trees cover my whole head. I heard a noise so I started to panic. “hey beautiful lady” I heard when I looked down. It seems to me the flowers was the one talking. I softly bend down touched it softly “hi you, are you talking or am I hearing things”. I got up and started walking “I going crazy let me stop” I said to myself. “Are you lost” another voice yelled. “Yes, where am I, i can’t find my boyfriend” I said out loud. Not knowing who am I talking to but I’m just responding to the voice. “Oh your bf I think I saw him, his on the other side, here go that way” the voice said to me and it started to open a route for me through all the flowers. I started to follow. I ended up at this dark abandoned house with green rooftop and a tree is growing out of it. I found my boyfriend looking around like a lost puppy. “Hey I found you” I screamed. I run and hugged him. I looked around “oh this place is creepy let’s get out of here” I told him. We both agreed and left the place. I told him how these flowers just helped me find him. We was so greatly for each other.


    “Mom how could you do this to me” Ali screamed. “What are you talking about” mom said to Ali, while in the kitchen cooking. “The whole time you kept those letters away from me” Ali said walking towards her mother. I found those hiding in your closet why would you do this. “His no good for you Ali you have to understand that. You and him are not the same, open your eyes. No I don’t wanna hear it, I love him and that’s that. No one will ever stop me from loving him. Ali run to her room packed up her bag and head out of the door. “where are you going Ali! Come back now” mom yelled. Ali left never returns weeks later after making things right with Noah. Ali went back home to her mom and they both apologized to each other. The mom come to her senses when it comes to love poor and rich shouldn’t matter. Future Noah became a successful man in business just to get back with Ali, even though Ali didn’t care about nun of that.

    1. Hi diasmine, I do agree that just because Noah wasnt wealthy shouldnt be a reason for them to break up . I liked how you much emphasis you added towards alis character on defending Noah. In this story she does go back to Noah at some point of time and they both become successful in life.

  9. Juan — Anxious, confused, nervous, and afraid in a place that was so beautiful. Not sure why I’m here, why have I been chosen? Am I the only one who can hear the tree speak? What do I do this the trees message? Pass it along or keep it as a secret. I’d pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming but a cool gust of wind brought the smell of flowers to my nose and I knew I was very much awake and alive. All I could do now was stay present and at the moment and be ready for more surprises.

    Samantha – All Ali can do now is live in a daydream. With every change of the season, every holiday celebrated, and every birthday that passes she wishes Noah was with her. She makes up stories of the milestones they could have celebrated together if only she hadn’t been so naïve. New partners come and go, mostly because she pushes them away. If Ali can’t be with Noah she’ll search until she finds him in someone else.

  10. – 1st) I have finally been able to track down this beauty. After many years of search, my prayers have been heard, literally. I didnt expect the rough handling to get here though. I think they might have broken a collarbone, quiet possibly a rib. A sharp pain enhances at the thought. “Oh yeah, thats definitely-” “-a rib”. I look around trying to see where this deep voice was originating again, I remember it came from the tree. But it wasnt just from the tree, it was in my mind. I raise a brow, and the tree spoke to me once again, “Yes, I can communicate telepathically. So, I heard you seek to become a warrior of the wood elves. You, a human, dare speak such blasphemy? But you seem to have a deep hatred for humanity. I will give you one chance and one chance only. If you fail, you will die. You have 30 seconds to decide.” With a grin, I nod my head. “Yes, master”. Suddenly, I was engulfed in flames and a deep rage overcame me. I blacked out, suddenly waking up. “Well done human, welcome to the tribe.”

    2nd) Ali and Noah. Together again, united by a sliver of a chance. Driven with the passion and hatred, the shame and guilt he felt over Ali, Noah who was once a construction worker was now the company’s CEO. It took him 15 years, a lot of sweat, blood, and tears were spilled. Reunited, Ali and Noah were able to hit it off again. But this time, Noah wanted to see the reaction of Ali’s parents. He smiles smugly as his plans have finally began to unfold.

  11. 1. The voice shook me to the core. I started to panic and I looked around to see if anyone else was there. I calmed down after a while and stared at the tree. A woman phased out from the tree. She was absolutely stunning, she was pretty much naked but parts of her body was covered by leaves and vines. I felt a holy presence emanating from her. She walked towards me and put her hand on my face as she gazed into my eyes. Her hands were wet, kind of like morning dew. She then kissed me softly. At first I was confused but then I enjoyed it. She then cut me loose and grabbed my hand. She showed me this flowery path and we just walked into the distance. This is where I met her…
    2. Noah met Ali one day at Camp Tatanka. All the kids at camp would either jump in the lake or just sit at the dock. Noah was too nervous to talk to Ali every time he tried he couldn’t get the words out. Until one day when Noah was on the dock by himself and then Ali walked up and sat next to him. She started talking about how beautiful the view was at night. Noah actually started talking to her and started to get more comfortable with her. They started to hang out everyday of camp. On the final night of camp they both snuck out of their cabins and sat at the dock together. They both were admiring the view of the massive moon in the night sky and how the moonlight was reflecting off the lake. They both turned to each other and gazed into each others eyes, then suddenly Ali kissed Noah. Noah will never forget that day, it will stay with him for the rest of his life even though she is gone.

  12. Juan:
    An uncontrollable burst of laughter came out of me that immediately silenced everything and everyone. I really must have overdone it this time. I mean.. a talking tree, wooden armored soldiers, the greenest place I’ve ever seen? This definitely isn’t the city I’m used to. I looked around and the energy felt cold. There was a mix of angry, confused, and annoyed faces piercing at me. My smile fades, okay- I’ll play along.
    “Why have you brought me here?” I asked the staring faces.
    “We see that you’ve been struggling and-” a soldier answered before I could interrupt.
    “ Yes, that’s right. I’m struggling to figure out how far into this trip I’m gonna get.“
    His brows furrowed in greater anger and he stepped closer to me.
    “ You laugh at us, you mock us! We are no joke, so watch your tongue!”
    A branch of the tree stopped the soldier from getting any closer to me.
    “ Welcome.This may seem out of the ordinary, but we see that you have hard times. That you often suffer in your own skin and are at an internal war just as much as you are externally to the rest of the world around you. You abuse the needle and yourself and I would like to help you stop and find peace. Please seriously consider this request.”. Its branches were stretched out like open arms. Looking so warm, so comfortable, so promising.
    Without a single word, I step into its inviting presence and began to feel warm. Very warm and new.

    Samantha: :
    Ali grew impatient with her parent’s strict rules and control over her life. Her heart had been aching every day and her once lively spirit was almost completely gone. The passion and warmth she had disintegrated and formed into icy rage. Not a day went by where she didn’t think about Noah and the beautiful times they shared. Her parents had moved on for her but her heart remains in Charleston with her one and only love attached to it. But the city girl was smart and played the role of a well put together young lady, hiding her sunken heart from everyone else around her.
    Ali finally hit the age where important life decisions had to be made. Of course a college was
    Already chosen for her and the day came to pack her things and head off study. She kissed her parents goodbye and the family driver left her at the bus station. Assuring that everyone from that life was gone Ali walked to the ticket booth and spoke with great confidence, “One ticket to Charleston please.”.

  13. 1. The sunlight beamed through the gaps of the enormous tree. The tiny creature flew around swarming the branches of the tree. The creature so tiny and not visible to the naked eye. It sat on the branch and watched the human stare at the ‘holy tree’. Its holy tree that’s been there since it could remember. It stood watching the human with curious eyes fluttering its wings. It wished it could stay and observe the fascinating creature it had encountered but they couldn’t. It had to get back to what it was doing but the tiny creature was a mischievous one. It flew directly to the human and around it picking up the leaves around the human. The human startled went in a circle curious to where the wind had come from.

    2. That young summer love that she had experience as a young adult here in the town of Charleston. But that was so many years ago. She sat drinking her coffee in the small cafe watching the people in the town going on about their day. She didn’t know why she had return she just need to get away so she escaped to the this town from her youth. She heard the door ring as a new customer entered. This tall man walked in toward the cashier and ordered a coffee. He seem so similar to her, she wondered if that was him. So she got up with courage and approached him “ Excuse me sir are you…”.

  14. I remember the day vividly like it was yesterday. It has been 8 years since I last saw my parents. I think about them everyday and dream about the day I get to see them again. I have attempted to escape but it has not been easy. I have no clue if anyone has continued searching for me. What if I come back and my parents gave up on me? What if they are no longer alive? I have a new plan that I will execute next week.

    15 years have passed by and it is my first time coming back to Charleston in so long. The last time I was here, I was a young foolish teenager who didn’t think before making decisions. “Are we here yet?” Both my son and daughter shout. “Yes, you see that lighthouse right there? It’s where I always used to spend time with my friends.” We pass by the local ice cream shop and there I see Noah sharing a banana split with a woman the same age as him right by a baby. As we drove by, I couldn’t help but smile.

  15. Samantha:

    Noah never stopped writing to Ali, even though he never got a letter back from her this was his way of staying in contact with her, it’s all he could do. One afternoon Ali’s mother forgot to check the mail and when Ali returned from work that day she noticed the mail was still in the mailbox which was weird to her because her mother always takes it inside. Ali’s mother was a little worried that Ali was still not home from work since she would arrive home almost at the same time everyday, so she nervously looked outside the front window. There she was in front of the house standing by the mailbox flipping through the mail when she suddenly drops all mail except for one red envelope, with a shocked look on her face she looks up to the house and she immediately makes eye contact with her mother …

  16. 1.This place was majestic, my eyes and my body trembled with excitement. I was scared but some how my body felt calm, it was ignoring my mind and my thoughts. That moment i felt welcomed like if this place open its arms to me and gave me a warm hug- yeah it felt warm. the sun and the leaves of the tree will softly tickle my face, i was smiling and i didn’t notice that the fear i felt wear off. All the vines from the trees and the plants were covering the temples and the houses. Everything seem to be old and uninhabitable. That was just a cover up , we walked for hours and reached a cliff on god knows where and the suns was still as shinny as ever, well that is what i thought until i looked down and notice a spark of light coming from down the cliff. It was a lost city with golden structures and golden statues, so far away from our civilization that will make you feel insignificant.
    2.One day Noah receive a letter from Ali, it was so lovely at first, it contained all the memories they created together it was nostalgic and sad in a way. He couldn’t stop feeling uneasy and anxious, somehow that card felt like if Ali was saying bye to him, but no once she said “i forgive you” which it was all he wanted to hear . A Month had passed and he received a letter from Ali’s mother it was a funeral invitation. At that moment Noah’s world broke into pieces and everything became black and white.

  17. 1. This was the worst day of my life I could not believe what had just happened. Out of nowhere I was struck in my head without knowing who did it. There were masked men surrounding me taking me to a back of a van. I was terrified and distraught about thinking what was going to happen. I was taken away from my family for no reason at all. All I could see was a “Holy Tree” and pray to escape from these vicious people.

    2. In a small town of Charlestown, everyone lived in harmony and peace with each other. Along came two lovebirds Noah and Ali who were separated by faith. Both loved each other tremendously but both their families disagreed because both belonged to different social classes. Noah belonged to a poor family where they couldn’t afford anything. While on the other hand Ali belonged to a rich modern family where he had everything at the top of his fingers. The two eloped without telling anyone to only find themselves betrayed by each other.

  18. Juan:
    The sun is rising and I’m sharpening my knife getting ready to catch some dinner for tonight. I walk through the forest and I hear footsteps behind me I look back and nobody is there. I kept walking and someone suddenly grabs me and puts me in there trunk. They blind fold me so I wouldn’t see their faces, I heard a guy say “he’s one of the lucky ones ”. I didn’t quite understand why they were saying this. We stop and they tie me up against this tree and remove the blindfold. I am surrounded by this beautiful holy tree. This holy tree is known for good luck and anyone who’s brought here receives free gifts such as fresh fruit, rice and fresh meat, fish. This must be my lucky day because I haven’t been able to catch us something to eat. Food for days! I scream. a sigh of relief “thank you holy tree”.

  19. The Holy Tree has been around and survived through many generations. Every year we would go on family vacations to pay our visits. There was a strong spiritual connect that we all had towards to tree. The holy tree was a place of harmony and peace, it was colossal. Its beauty can’t be compared, as we walked to the path, we were surrounded by plants, lotus flowers, and small thin trees. I had almost felt that I have lost myself in its beauty. As a child I have been coming here, reminiscing all my childhood memories.

    It’s been a couple of years now since I’ve last visited Charleston. It was a beautiful small town where everyone knew each other and helped one another. Coming back to Charleston had brought back so many memories. I was betrayed by my mother for so many years and just realized the truth. For years, Noah has sent me letters every day and my mother hid it from me. Noah and I were madly in love, not a day goes by that I don’t reminisce all the good times we’ve had. I had once again visited his job site, he had no longer worked there. I’ve also asked some neighbors to find Noah’s whereabouts, it turns out he had gotten a huge opportunity in a different state to work.

  20. Not knowing his location and driven here blindfolded left him both angry and scared. He was limited in his options to get back to the hotel, relying on the soldiers who brought him to this unknown location. Realizing he was driven here without an explanation he knows the soldiers aren’t going to freely take him back. After he’s untied and reacts briefly to the Holy Tree, the soldiers explain that the Holy Tree is an entrance and many people have entered and want him to do the same. Feeling anxious, knowing the soldier’s intentions aren’t in his best interest, he makes a run for the nearest car. He manages to get into a car with keys in the bottom compartment, he drives hastily running over a few soldiers and decides he won’t let others be brought here to be trapped in the tree, he drives directly into the side of the tree and continually goes backward and forward, breaking several branches of the tree. He than gets out of the car, taking an axe to the tree, within a few swings the tree beings to slant and the tree stops talking. The soldiers get a hold of him and just kill him. Death was inevitable.

    Ali’s mother reveals the letters to Ali five years after thinking enough time has passed. All the memories came back to Ali right after reading the letters, she decides to reconnect with Noah in person. She contacts him over social media, realizing he has pictures posted with his wife and two children. Noah did respond, agreeing to meetup. Ali had dated one person after Noah and the relationship lasted a month, whereas Noah had a completely different life Ali was unaware of. Heartbroken a second time over Noah, she meets up with him, she says she never really forgot about him. Noah agreed to meet with her on a friendship bases, realizing quickly this wasn’t a friendly coffee meetup, he cuts it short saying he must leave. She follows him driving the same way as him, finding the location of his home. She rings his doorbell and his wife answers the door. Ali’s immediate reaction was to bang the wife’s head against the door. She leaves her unconscious at the front door and gets in her car and drives away.

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