April 9, 2019

Dear Class,

We are reading rest of Pedro Paramo for next week.

Your prompt is to pick one character and

1-Tell us the story of character as recounted in the book (minimum 100 words). This is in 3rd person narrative.

2-Write a monologue from that character’s point of view. (minimum 150 words). This is a first person narrative.

Please remember these characters are dead and as we talked about them, they are talking ghosts, so please take these dramatic elements in to consideration.

*Please don’t pick Juan Preciado or Pedro Paramo

This is an example of a story from a ghost’s point of view. Please note the tone you develop for your character.

Deadline: Monday 8pm

Have a very good weekend.


  1. 1. Before Dorotea had dead, she went on a search for her son that she seemed to never have. It turned out to all be just an illusion. She says that now she is dead she understands why God didn’t grant her with a son. These reasons included not having a home to keep him in and the weary life she lived. She lived to believe that someone had hidden her child from her and was constantly searching for him because she felt she could feel him. She carried him around everywhere with her when suddenly she could no longer feel him. When she arrived to Heaven, she searched for her son amongst the angels and she could not recognize his face.

    2. I knew he had to be real Juan. I never felt a connection so strong to anyone or anything in my life. This feeling was indescribable, and this is why everyone must’ve thought I was crazy. I would rant on and on about my dear son, but no one had ever seen him. I’d tell them about how he has the same nose as me, and he has luscious, black locks that I refuse to put a scissor to! I carried him around with me everywhere, his chest against mine, he can feel my beating heart and I can feel his. When this feeling was ripped out of my arms, I was devastated. To this day, I tell everyone I died of heartache. Oh Juan, I hope your father never felt this way about any of his children. I was told up in heaven that I would be the perfect mother, I just didn’t have a mother’s womb. All along it was an illusion.

    1. After reading this post i understood a lot more about this character, since i also chose to write about Dorotea. I have hard time keeping up with who is speaking sometimes while im reading this book but it is clear to me now that Dorotea was the one speaking about looking for her baby. I couldnt catch who it was.
      I also like the mologue where she still believes in the connection she had with her son that did not exist but she comes to senses and realizes it was an illusion.

    2. Very interesting choice of character Brianana and very interesting connection you made, but I wonder why you left out a very essential piece of information about Dorotea. She is the woman who procures girls from the village for Pedro. This extremely dark side of her character (which she confessed to father Renteria) help build more color and depth for the character.

  2. 1) Father Renteria is the town priest. He reflects on Miguel Paramo the killer & rapist. This woman confessed to father Renteria that Pedro was the father of her unborn child Miguel. This woman died during childbirth and father Renteria brought Miguel to his dad Pedro. Pedro asked Father Renteria why he did not keep the child and make him a priest. He refused because the child had bad blood running through his veins. Father Renteria was right. Miguel turned out to be a bad man. When Miguel died Father Renteria accepted money in exchange for praying for him and his soul and forgiving him. Father Renteria is reflecting on how wrong he has been. He’s allowed and accepted so much sin & evil to go on because of the power and money of Pedro Paramo. The father now goes to another town to see another priest in hopes of forgiveness. The priest refuses to absolve Father Renteria of his sins. He now knows the feeling of not being able to be forgiven or absolved of his sins so he can go to heaven. That is the same feeling that he has caused for so many others, whom he has refused to absolve of their sins.

    2) When I died I could not understand why my spirit was so lost and sad. Why such misery? What have I done? I have ruined my chances of being in Heaven with the Angels. I can only imagine and long to be in that beautiful, peaceful place called Heaven, where there are no sins, no evil. Where did I go wrong? Why? Why me? I know the answer. I allowed this family to use their money to excuse their sins and get away with evil. I’ve helped undeservingly absolve them of their sins. The lord put his faith in me and I abused the power he gave me. Miguel was born evil; I recall thinking how Miguel as a baby was “twisting like a snake”. I could see the evil then, so how could I pray for him to go to heaven? This is a man that has killed and raped. What was I thinking? I promised to profess the word of God, to live a sacred life but I allowed money, greed & power to overshadow my beliefs. Is it too late to ask for forgiveness? Heaven has passed me by. I remember clearly the priest at Contla tell me “No, his hands were not clean enough to give me absolution.” I remember thinking would I die with sins, without forgiveness? I’m tired, my sins and misery won’t let me continue. I cannot continue to sit here and forgive anyone’s sins when my soul is not free of sin. My spirit is lost; it is not free. I don’t know if my soul will ever be free.

    1. What I find fascinating is that despite Christianity having to deal with people treating others with good and in general is supposed to be about being a good person, a priest, someone who can allow some sort of forgiveness is permitting the evil of someone just because he has money. However, shouldn’t God protect his people? His own children who appreciate and worship him? In a sense, it’s as if this is a test that even people who claim to follow in the name of God can fail, or that his town is just not worth God’s time to save. The father has been corrupted by not forgiving other people for their sins. He even goes against the teaching that the children should not be blamed just because of their parent’s actions, of which the child is being punished and not becoming a priest just because he has “bad blood” in his veins. How many people has the priest sent to hell for not forgiving them? That’s too much power one man should have. Also, will these people be sent to hell because they were not blessed by a corrupted person? Will God allow such a thing to happen?

    2. I really enjoyed your take on Father Renteria’s story as it gave more insight on who the character really is. Father Renteria would often scam people of the town and it is very clear as to why he did not get the chance to go to Heaven despite is position the church.

    3. Such a great monologue of the internal conflict Father Renteria is feeling for accepting a bribe instead of doing what he knew was right. It makes you realize he is only human, and in one way or another and at some point or another, we’re all faced with these decisions and consequences that come along with them in the end.

    4. Jenise

      Your monologue for Father Renteria shows the deep internal conflict which the priest feels throughout the book. It is apparent that he did not feel as though his sins were absolved, leading to the inability for himself to hear and intercede on others behalf for their sins. I was very interested in the way you wrote this monologue, to the point where it felt as if I was directly inside the mind of Father Renteria.

    5. Great choice of character and writing Juan! Renteria with his partial first person accounts interspersed in the book is an essential and almost central character to this narrative.
      One of the passages I found most fascinating (and was perplexed with), was the part where father Renteria whispers in Susan’s ear before she passes. (112)

  3. 1) Abundio walks down the desert. After hours of endless walking with no one, his torture is finally ended by meeting Juan. Abundio, pleased that Juan asked him to guide him to Comala, walks down to Comala. He asks Juan why he’s going to Comala and finds out that Juan is his half brother. He hasn’t heard of the name Pedro Paramo in a long time, but that name is burned and etched into his mind. He refuses to think about the name but can’t help but think about Juan. A few minutes pass, and finally Abundio says to Juan that his father is also Pedro Paramo. However, it was under his breathe. Juan doesn’t realize that Abundio says something. Abundio walks more, and finally reaches Comala. He turns and tells Juan to either come with him or stay in Comala, but if he chooses to stay then to look for Dona Eduviges. Abundio, satisfied, leaves and fades into the distance.

    2) I wander aimlessly through the desert. It’s been months. These figures pass by, all trying to interact as I try to interact with them. However, I just can’t seem to communicate with them. This as been going on for months under this hot desert. This is hell. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a living human approaches me. “Finally, someone I can talk to. It’s been so lonely”. As we talk, he says that his name is Juan and that he was trying to go to Comala to meet his father. Interesting, I think, seeing as how mostly everyone around here is dead. Surely his father is also dead as well, but who knows, maybe he has the golden ticket. We walk for a bit and he follows me. He tells me that his father is… Pedro Paramo. My face turns white. Well, it was already white but figurately. I try to stop but this force tells me to move on. I’m brimming with anger. My father, that piece of trash. He had another child didn’t he. When did he have Juan? Oh how I feel so sorry for Juan. He had to go through the same humiliation as I did. At least Juan escaped. Minutes passed and I can’t contain my anger any longer. I tell Juan that Pedro is my father, but he doesn’t seem to hear me. We walk again. Juan then asks me if I knew Pedro Paramo. Did he ignore me? Did he not hear me? Whatever. “He’s hate. He’s pure hate”. I explain to Juan what our father is, narcissistic, manipulative, evil. He abandoned so many of us, even had one leave the town. He does it under the guise of this “Christianity”. Whatever, it’s time to move on. At least he’s dead.
    I finally reached Comala with Juan. I tell him that if he wants to come with me then he’s welcome to, otherwise he can stay at the town and that he should look for Dona Eduviges. I can somehow sense that she knows him personally somehow, I just can’t put my finger on it. I tell Juan my name, but clearly diluted from the sun Juan looks like he needs water. I walk away into the distance, trying to go back to my house. I instantly get moved back to the hot desert, again.

    1. Very good choice and writing Robin, as this is the opening to the story. But I’m wondering why you left out a very interesting piece of information about Abundino and Pedro: Pedro is stabbed to death by Abundino because he refuses to financially help him bury his wife refugio. He also had to sell his burros.

  4. – Eduviges Dyada lives alone in Comala. A kind woman, she offers up her home to visitors to stay and because of this she now lives in a house full of furniture and belongings from people who have never returned. She lets Juan stay in a back room that’s cleared of the junk. Eduviges was a great friend of Juan’s mother, Dolores, and could have possibly even been his mother. She tells Juan the story of when Dolores was married to Pedro Paramo but didn’t want to sleep with him. The two girls were very fond of each other when they were young and had promised they’d die together, but it didn’t happen.

    – I feel like I betrayed Dolores, my very best friend. We made a promise to each other that we would die together but instead I selfishly died before her. But now she’s sent her son to me and I feel a piece of her is here with me. He’s not like the other drunkards who travel through only to leave behind their belongings and drama. I hope they all leave Juan alone and let him rest through the night. He must be so confused and delirious, not to mention heartbroken from the loss. I’ll tell him only the good stories of his mother and leave out the rotten stories of his father. I’m sure he’ll hear them all soon enough. I owe it to Dolores to do my best to take care of and protect her sweet son. I must send Abundio my gratitude for pointing Juan in my direction.

    1. Hi Tonya,
      Eduviges is such an interesting character, she is the first character to point out that all the people Juan is meeting are dead. she bring this up in a nonchalant way that it isn’t a big deal which helps set the tone of the book. I like what you said in your monologue about keeping all the bad stories away from Juan, good touch to her character.

  5. 1) Don Fulgor Sedano devotes his life to carrying out the dirty work of his superiors. Fulgor was the right hand man of Pedro Paramo’s father and when Pedro’s father passed away he became Pedro’s right hand man. He makes sure that whomever he works for will continue to be the most powerful in Comala, carrying out unspeakable tasks like arranging marriages, hiring hit men or taking someone out himself. Fulgor felt that Pedro’s Son was a bad kid and felt that he was bratty. Fulgor also felt this way about Pedro when he was serving his father. Fulgor always put himself on the line to carry out the needs of his superiors, whatever the job requires.

    2) I hear them talk about me when I am not around; they call me a brown nose and the bosses pet. I did what I needed to do to survive. It is a hard life we lived here in Comala, but I wanted be on the boss’s good side and not speed up my death. Every time I committed a sin it took a part of me with it, I have done many unspeakable things but that is just how life is. I watched Don Pedro’s son commit similar crimes but with no remorse in his eyes, that is the difference between doing what must be done and doing it for sport. He was a horrible kid, he was bound to get himself into serious trouble, but Don just brushed it off as his son just being a kid. I will never forget when the woman came to me crying at my feet, begging for console, I could not give it to her. She wept about her late husband who was taken by Miguel and nothing I could offer her would make anything better. That is when I realized that I was different from Don Pedro and his family, when he said “then there’s nothing to worry about, Fulgor. Those people don’t even exist.” I guess that soon I would not even exist for him too.

    1. Rachel, Fulgor Sedano is a very interesting choice. Very good work on your first person narrative and I wish you’d pushed the tone even further towards justifying him.

  6. 1. Susana is trouble for Pedro Páramo and she don’t know it. Buddying up with Pedro Páramo when they were the two kids. She is Pedro Páramo’s obsession. When she moves from Comala with her father as a kid, Pedro Páramo always remembers her, and spends the rest of his life looking for her. She marries somebody named Florencio, whom she cherishes without a doubt. she went distraught when he passed on. She returns to live with her father. Her dad discloses to her they’re going back to Comala, in light of the fact that Pedro Páramo has guaranteed him a house and farm in return for his little girl’s deliver marriage.Susana marries Pedro Páramo, who at that point has her dad executed. furthermore, she essentially goes through her time on earth in bed, waving uncontrollably and shouting at her house cleaner since she hopeless.Susana at last passes on. Her misfortune is the thing that rouses Pedro to curse the town to starvation and passing.

    2. I knew Pedro Páramo since we were kids. I mean we kids we didn’t know what love was. I moved out of Comala with my father. My true motivation was to find my own happiness. when I got older I married the love of my life Florencio. later on Florencio died and I didn’t know what to do. I did not want to believe it. I sometimes talk to him. later on I move back to father house and he told me we moving back to Comala. I was forced to marry Pedro Páramo. in return Pedro kill my father I just stayed in bed at all time because I was unhappy. I miss the only guy I ever loved. My maid Justina who usually takes care of me is always around. I thought I heard the door creak, as if somebody had come in or gone out. “its the cat again” I said to Justina who didn’t believe me, but it turns out to be the ghost of my father who came to say goodbye. “I only believe in hell.” I told Justina. at this point my life was so miserable I did not want to live anymore.

    1. Diasmine,

      I really like your first sentence about Susana being a trouble for Pedro. I didn’t think of it like that. You summarized the life of Susana really great and her involvement with Pedro. I really like the story that you wrote about Susana and i like how you used the line from the book where she says ” I only believe in hell” that also stood out to me.

    2. Very good work Diasmine. We’ll talk more about Susanna’s character tomorrow. One of the most fascinating stories about her in my opinion is when she is sent down the mine by a rope by Bartolome (her father) where she finds bones and skulls that crumble on her touch. Couple this with her constant mention of hell and general despair.

  7. 1)Before Abundio had died, he enters a store and asks for a bottle of liquor, drowned in sadness because his wife had died the night before. His wife sickness had forced him to sell everything he owned because he couldn’t afford to buy her medicine. He doesn’t have money to bury her either. He is left depressed and drowning in sorrow. Due to his drunkenness, he wanders to Media Luna instead of going home. Abundio and Pedro encounter each other, and he asks Pedro for money to pay to bury his wife. Without knowing what he is doing, he stabs Pedro and kills him.

    Now he is wandering in Comala and encounters his half brother Juan. Juan tells him he is on a journey to find his father. He remembers the name, Pedro Paramo, and gets flashback of what happened the night he died. Abundio continues to guide him and points towards Media Luna. He tells Juan their father is dead and tells him to look for Dona Eduviges. After giving him instructions, he vanishes.

    2)This place is sad. I am sad. I miss my wife. No matter how many miles I walk, I will never find another woman close to her. Look what my father left behind. A bunch of people walking and roaming around like me. I stopped. “Wait a minute. I never seen that person before” I thought. “I wonder why that gentleman is here.” I stand still and see him walk up to me. “Ahhh, a human” I thought. He tells me his name is Juan and he is looking for his father, Pedro Paramo. “Poor man does not know the truth. “Well at least he would probably still be alive, if he gave me some money to help my wife.” I shake my head to forget about my bad thoughts. “I wonder how many more children this man has?” I get angry even thinking about this man being my father. I try to keep my cool so that Juan doesn’t think there is something wrong. He’s following me, I might as well tell him the truth maybe he will save himself the trouble and stop looking. “Pedro Paramo is my father too” I said. Juan didn’t show the slightest reaction. It was just a short moment of silence as we’re walking. “Do you know Pedro Paramo? Who is he?” he asked. “He’s hate. He’s just pure hate.” He looks confused. Since he’s so curious I’ll tell him more. I tell him that Media Luna belonged to our father and that he is dead, but he still seems curious.
    After walking with him to Comala, I tell him he his welcomed to come with me or he can go look for Dona Eduviges. From what I remember, I know she and this other woman knew so much about Pedro. She can probably give Juan better answers than me. As I continue to wander off, I hear him ask “What is your name?” I reply “Abundio…”

    1. Very good work on Abundinio’s character arch Samantha. I wonder how your tone can be pushed even further towards darkness? You are doing great with regards to the story, but my question is how you can work further on language to suggest even a darker attitude who is eventually killing Pedro.

  8. 1) Susana was Pedro Paramo’s final wife. Susana is first introduced through a story Juan hears as he lays in his coffin. Susana was laying upon her mother’s bed who had been deceased due to “consumption” also known as Tuberculosis, which caused no one to attend her funeral. She then realizes that she is not on the bed, but instead in a coffin. Susana is considered crazy by those within the town, though Pedro loved her the most out of his wives. She was loved so much by him that he awaited 30 years for her. Susana and her father, Bartolome San Juan came back to the town after the 30 years, yet her father died in the mine sent by Pedro Paramo and she a widow when she returned to Comala. She also despised her father who once made her explore the mine, traumatizing her to search a skeleton for gold. When she returned to Comala she was bed-ridden for the entirety of her time there up until her death. She continues to suffer while having thoughts of her ex-husband Florencio. When she died Pedro Paramo refused to tend to his fields anymore, destroying all the tools, and firing all those who worked for him leading to the town to starve.

    2) I lay upon the bed tossing and turning stricken with sufferance. With each movement, I think of Florencio and his beautiful body. How can God be so selfish to protect the souls of each person yet not save the body for me to indulge in. Pedro Paramo watches me as I sleep with a yearn to console me from this endless tormenting dreams, but he cannot repair these ailments which controls my consciousness. They say that I am crazy, that I am not of this world. I am not of this world for I just idly remain, dead to this world. I view the existential manner of the world consisting of only the physical world and of hell, for heaven is nonexistent through the pain and suffering which I constantly bare. I live as a shell of the vibrant and beautiful woman I once was. I feel as though Juan is so infatuated with me, that when my death sweeps me from this town, the breaking point shall be reached and the town will meet it’s demise.

    1. Brandon,
      I feel like this piece about Susana really captured her ghostly presence. I also wrote about her because I feel she has one of the saddest stories from these characters. I think you did a great job really picking apart the reading to find the best details about her to form this lovely monologue. You designed it as if, for her, there is no difference between life and death and it makes me feel like Juan Preciado wondering if this person is alive of dead.

    2. Very good work on your first person narrative Brandon. What stands out to me, is that you added a sophistication to this character along justified by her so-called madness which is fascinating. We’ll talk more about Susanna tomorrow.

    3. Brandon- your summary about Susana helped me get a better understanding. I honestly had to re-read some of the passages to get a full understanding. I really enjoyed your first person narrative of Susana. I felt as if I were Susana in a spanish novela. I felt her pain.

  9. Susana San Juan is the daughter of Bartolome San Juan and the last wife of Pedro Paramo. She is the only female that Pedro seems to love. Her father didn’t like that Pedro was pursuing his daughter and that she wanted to be with him.She is normally with her caregiver Justina who takes care of her. When she a younger she went with her father to retrieve something from a cave but she couldn’t get to it and her father ended being mad at her. In the story she is sick and has dreams at night which makes her toss and turn and sweat a lot. Right before Justina tells her that her father is dead she feels him coming into her room. The marriage between Pedro and Susana seems to be getting worse as she grows sicker, but Pedro seems to be always there for her.

    I watched as he sat in his chair looking out toward the road. The very road that I had come from many years ago. I walked around the house it was very quiet there was no one in plain site. Justina had felt years ago and the workers also. I walked up to what used to be my room the bed was untouched and there was dust everywhere. There was no sign that anyone had come into the room in a long time. I checked other rooms they were the same. I went back down stairs to were Pedro was sitting. He had aged, his eye dark and hollow.His face wrinkled and old . I got closer to him seeing if he could possible see me. That would be silly I’m a ghost I’m dead he can’t see me I can only see him. But I remembered there was a time that I loved him. I had wondered around a bit before coming back here and finally I was back and I would wait for the time to come.

    1. Very good work on your first person narrative Carla. This is mingled with your character making us feel grounded in a reality she recounts of what the house currently looks like.

  10. Dorotea was always the first one at the church when the doors opened and she was a woman that was believed to be a person who couldn’t sin, according to father Renteria, she wouldn’t really confess anything she would just go to waste his time. When Miguel Paramo died Dorotea attended his wake and got carried away with the drinks. That day she went to confess to father Renteria that she had sinned many times and she was finally ready to confess that she was the one that would find girls to please Miguel whenever he wanted, and that she did it many times. She was looking for his forgiveness.

    “I would always find myself having the same conversation with myself as we would walk to Miguelito’s house ‘Should I stop doing this? If I don’t Miguelito will be upset and will tell on me with his father. Maybe I can convince him to find other ways to have fun? No, this is strictly what he asked for. This is not a good thing to do, i will never make it to heaven if i keep doing this’ No matter what went through my head the answer would always come down to money. Miguelito gave me a good amount of money that helped me a lot. Maybe I won’t make it to heaven but this is pretty good. I get to live in the same town that i grew up in with a little bit more inner peace.”

  11. 1. Abundio was a poor and deaf man when he was alive. His journey ended a long time ago and started back again on meeting Juan. Both haven’t met each other until now only to find out that they are related by blood. Abundio finds out that Juan is his half-brother and guides him to Comala to find their father Pedro Paramo. Little does Juan know that Abundio killed their father due to harsh times. Abundio couldn’t have afforded to bury his wife which led to the drastic murder. When Juan took their father’s name Abundio gets vivid flashbacks of what had took place that night.
    2. I remember like it was just yesterday. When I was mourning my wife’s death and nobody was willing to help me. I belong to a poor family never having enough to provide myself with the luxuries of life. That day when my wife passed away I was distraught and thought my life was over. I turned into a monster that day killings my own father. Life brought me to a point where I had to see such a horrific day. This wasn’t supposed to happen if only he had lend me some money then this wouldn’t have happen. I have no regrets only hopefulnesses that one day me and my wife will be reunited in heaven. Throughout my journey I have met my half- brother Juan who is looking for our father having no idea that I have murdered him. I walk with him to Comala to send him far away from me.

  12. 1. El padre de Comala. After the death of Miguel he became a miserable human being, he felt like the world put a weight of guilt on his back. His will to share the wisdom of God was lost. El Padre felt guilty in a small way, for the dead of Miguel, for all the assumptions he said about him, he contributed to the negative stories. His Journey to Contla was the pick of the iceberg that destroy his ship of will. In a way he thought of himself better death because he was not suitable to forgive people’s sins if he was a sinful priest . When Dorotea told Al padre that she was the one who let Miguel meet with women and that she was the one present when he abuse of them. He notice that Comala was lost and their faith was nothing more than fear and Fanaticism.
    2. I knew this town was lost and drown in sin, but the more i thought about it the more miserable i became. This town is my responsibly and these people were suppose to be my people but now i cant even assure them a pass through the gates of heaven. God will be my judge since i have lost sight of what is right, my will is destroy and my soul has become fragile. The only things i see now are shadows of the past hunting me and within everyday it becomes more and more obvious i’m not a man of god but batman.

  13. Susana San Juan is first introduced through a monologue of young Pedro Paramo. Her bvery sad life is shown after it is revealed that her and Pedro had known each other as children, where Pedro grew to love her more than any other woman in his life. Susana left Comala very young but Pedro’s love for her stayed for decades later. Now as an adult, when Susana returned to Comala, Pedro and her married. This however was after he killed her father, Bartolome who seemed to have been the only thing that stood in the way of having her hand. It appeared that Susana deeply loved man named Florencio and went completely mad when he died. After Susana’s death, Pedro life turned upside down. His soul shriveled up into emptiness and gave up on life. It appeared that Pedro let the town of Comala die because of the death Susana and the depressive state it brought him to.
    Life after death is cold. Cold like the rain I often recall was. It also leaves plenty of time to look back onto my most unpleasant memories. Mother is gone and not a single face showed at the burial. Father is gone. And well, he’s gone. Florencio is gone. My dearest love and the body I once had as mine. And Justina, she was good to me, as I grew and even in my awful times. According to her, I dreamt a lot. Many things kept me up in my most unstable slumbers. At least I slept. I remain lost in these past visions of the wicked acts of Bartolome and the suffocating passion of Pedro and all else that seemed escape-less during my time. I still see Pedro longs for me, his dead spirit shows and had brought Comala down with him.

  14. Susana San Juan, she is viewed to be the “crazy “one. We learn towards the end of the story that she becomes Pedro Paramo’s lover. She moves away from Comala after her mother died .Susana refers to her past when her father makes her go down the mines in search for gold or money. When she goes down the mine she is frightened by what she sees. She sees skulls and bones and as she lifts the skull it crumbles into sugar like fragments. At this point she becomes angry with her father for making her go down there by herself. She was married to Florencio and has been depressed ever since and went back to living with her father named Bartolome. Bartolome isn’t a fan of Pedro, and when he explains his love for Susana he gets angry. Susana ends up marrying Pedro, which is what Pedro always wanted.

    Everyone seems to call me crazy but who can I speak to when my only companion has left this cold lonely world? I would rather speak to myself and suffer alone rather than be pitied by the people in this village. I reminisce on the times when you and I would play together in the field then within an instant he was gone, where did he go? Will I ever see him again? A million questions are running through my mind. Everyone has hate for him but he was my first love and also my last. But in between all of this I still thought of Florencio, you have gone long before I did, I endure these passionate dreams of you that still make me weep at night missing your lips against mine.

    1. Samantha, good work on your first person narrative. I wonder what would have been more effectie to push your tone towards justifying her “craziness”? Or how could we actually discern that craziness in her tone through your words?

  15. 1. Father Renteria was a conflicted man. He tried to run his church and let god talk through him to guide those in the pueblo. Those in the town with money seemed to be able to persuade him into sin. How can someone full of sin rid those in this little town of sin? He tried to do right by the people and lead them into the Lords holy land but let his stomach think for him. God put such a tough trial on Father Renteria and it seems like he failed. He failed the people of the town, the people he loved, and more importantly himself. He forgave those who wronged him and his loved ones of sin just for a couple of gold coins. Instead of keeping those who were full of sin in check, he let them believe that god had forgiven them for all the evil things they had done. By giving them this false hope they weren’t prepared to roam on earth hopelessly. They would roam for years to come with just emptiness and sorrow because he was also full of sin.

    2. I gaze down at my body knowing I died alone and in pain. I died the way I lived, recklessly and like a pendejo. I know my sins and the damaged that I’ve caused to those all around me. In reality none of it was my fault and I was just living life at its fullest. I know my horse is the only living thing that truly misses me and I pity it. Wondering around lost looking for me when I think its better off dead. I don’t wonder around feeling sorry for those that I’ve wronged or my sins. For what ? They wouldn’t forgive me or pray for my soul. I know god wouldn’t except me into his kingdom after all the pain I’ve caused. Was I really an evil man? I took what I want and did as I pleased, just like my father taught me.

  16. Susana is introduced as Pedro Paramo’s crush. She had an unfortunate life, her and Pedro, knew each other from childhood. Pedro fell in love with her. Susana left Comala at a young age however Pedro’s still reminisced in the memories of her. Susana returned to Comala as an adult, leading to Pedro and her getting married. The marriage happened after Pedro killed her father, Bartolome who previously interfered with getting married t his daughter. Pedro comes to learn that Susana loved someone else his name was Florencio and she became crazy when he died. After Susana’s death, Pedro became even more upset. Pedro let the town of Comala vanish after the death of Susana because f the long mourning period, he stopped work on his land.

    Florence was the absolute love of my life; the remarriage has brought me nothing but aggravation. My new husband seems to fall short of what I lost, and the second marriage happened right after my fathers passing. The timeline doesn’t add up to happiness, only misery. Losing my dad wasn’t the problem, the timing of marriage right after and the company made me hysterically upset. The memories of my father have become clear in my head after his passing, everything has come back. Living with Pedro has made me miss the man I lived with terribly, replacing him made everything worse and nothing in my life is clarified just a mess with a depressing certainty of the future.

  17. As a child, Pedro Paramo was crazy in love with Susana, these two childhood buddies. Susana and her father move out of Comala leaving Pedro clueless. Pedro remembers her every day it was his first love, he waits for her 30 years. Susana gets married to Florencio but he then passes away. Later Susana and her father return back to Comala. She is mentally disturbed by all the events that have occurred throughout her life. Susana is known as the psychopath in the town, she spends her life in bed and yelling at her maid. Her death was tragic, she died unhappily.
    Florencio was one and only true love. I feel his presence all the time even though he is no longer here with me. How could he have just left me all alone here? I had to move back in with my father to our home town. All these memories just flash back at me. My father wants me to marry Pedro Paramo. Pedro Paramo was my childhood friend, we have known each other our whole lives. Every day was living hell for me. I no longer had any purpose in life. No man can ever replace Florencio.

  18. 1. Susana San Juan spent her early years in Camala. But death and misfortune would follow her. First with the death of her mother, then her husband and finally her father. Susana in her childhood was friend with Pedro, it’s during that time that Pedro falls in love with her. After her mother dies after years of being sick. Susana and her father moved away from Camala. During that time she marries and falls deeply in love with her husband. But her husband dies and grief drives her to madness. Susana father moves them back to Camala after he is offered a home and ranch by Pedro in exchange for Susana hand in marriage. Shortly after moving back to Camala Pedro solidifies his position of Susana but having her father killed. The reamin years of Suana life are spent locked away from the world in grief just like her mother.

    2. Is it raining today? I do enjoy the rain. I like how the sky grows gray and everyone had to go inside and wait for the rain to be over. Also, the wind picks up so we can fly kites too.

    You know flying kites are for kids? Also, the rain will get them wet.
    Now get inside before you get wet too.

    No No, I don’t want to get wet. if get wet, I’ll get sick. If I get sick then ill die and no one will come to my funeral. Florencio, you will come?

    Florencio? Florencio? where have you gone to now? Florencio?!

    Fine I will wait for you here. who bed is this? I don’t recognize these curtains. What’s that smell? that’s not his smell. I feel hot, everything feels hot. Why is it so hot?
    It the damn cat again sleeping on everything making it hot. Damn cat!

    It’s not the cat Susana. You’re just being his wife today.

    I wonder if it’s raining today, I do enjoy the rain.

  19. 1. Eudivges Dyada started out in the story as a complete stranger but was more that willing to clear out space for Juan when he arrived. She believed to have seen Juan’s mother Dolores in spiritual form that told her to clear some space for her son. She was the first to tell Juan that the he is seeing ghosts. Eudivges also told Juan that she should’ve had him instead of Dolores because she slept with Pedro on that day in her place. Eudivges is sort of a prostitute in Comala but her heart belonged to Miguel.

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