1. The ocean went all the way to the horizon, my repeated pleas to take the wish back were only answered my echos. I searched each room and there was no one. Every room was furnished like my family lived here. The beds had sheets, the dressers had clothes and the worse part there were pictures. Each had a perfect photo of the members of my family. Their eye would follow me around the room, their unending saccharine smile tormented me. It was madding!!! No airplane would pass over nor any ship was ever seen on the horizon. Days passed and nothing changed. The weather was warm and sunny all the time. No matter how many I would empty all draws in the dressers, smashed the photos and ripped the curtains from the wall. As soon as I would leave the room all evidence of rage and destruction would be erased. I did not know how many days passed before I finally resolved to brave the ocean. I plunged into the ocean the cool water gave me some hope that even if I drown I might be free of this place. I swam and swam and swam for what seemed to be for hours away from my tormentor. Slowly the house became smaller and finally fell into the horizon. I was growing tired but did not care what might happen to me since I was happy to be away from that place. I turned my face to the sun and relaxed my body. I was floating on my back waiting for the moment where I would finally fall under the gental waves. When suddenly my head hit something hard. Was it a ship? or pier? or rock? I opened my eyes only to see my tormentor looking back down at me. As a silent scream filling my eyes until I could not see anymore. My tears and the sea becoming indistinguishable from the other.

  2. For the past 6 hours, I have been panicking and not paying attention but I begin to hear the sound of music. Marty Friedman, Sociopaths. I rush to the source of music and slam the door open. In this room, I find a bunch of televisions that views the entire house. As I try to access the situation, the sound of Sociopaths increases as my adrenaline rushes. Suddenly, a huge television that I didn’t see before turns on. There was a person wearing a mask behind the screen, but he wasn’t moving. He seems to be dead. The song ends and is replaced with a more subtle sound… of snoring. I raise my eyebrow and make a confused face. “What the f-” I’m suddenly interrupted. “Yes, mother, just 5 more minutes.” I’m more confused. It appears as though this is a communication of some kind, but someone clearly screwed up the introduction. Either I’m viewing a victim or I’m viewing the person who… a wave of memories starts rushing back. That wasn’t a genie, and that wasn’t a dream. I remember feeling a slight sting on my neck and I became very drowsy. I turned around to find a figure wearing a mask standing in front of me, calling himself a genie and saying that he will grant me three wishes. I was only able to get out two wishes before I was completely knocked out, and here I woke up in this mansion. That was a serial killer who’s been around the city, terrorizing residents for a decade. “HEY YOU, WAKE UP.” I scream. The figure shakes as if terrified and confused, “Yes, mother?” “I ain’t your mother punk, wake up so we can get this over with,” I say. “Oh, right. You sure do have a deathwish dont you. Give me an hour, let me prepare the event.” He says as he gets up. “Hey, where are you going, and what do you mean by event?” I say. “To the bathroom, what, do you want to pick number two and see some action? Wait and see what comes.” He shouts back. I recoil in disgust, but I hear an echo. Someone shouting back to respond to me… It was coming from directly upstairs. I rush up to find a bathroom door and its lights open. I start to hear light footsteps behind me. I don’t think I’m alone in this house…

  3. Finding no signs of life at all, I start to smile and think of all the endless possibilities. I ran back into my mansion as I try to figure out what should I do now. I ran to the basement where my man cave is and start to pour drinks for myself. I sat on my comfy leather couch and put on some music, max volume of course. After a while I got up and sat at my computer and just played video games for hours. I woke up after falling asleep at my computer. I walk upstairs to the living room and said “good morning”, thinking that my parents and brother were there with me. Realizing I am alone on this island again, I walk outside and stare into the never ending horizon. I suddenly realized that I had all these nice things to do but no one to share it with. No one who cared about my well being or yell at me for being lazy. I contemplated these thoughts for a while wondering what can be done to solve this problem. I walked towards the coast of the island and gave one final look towards the vast horizon. I slowly started to walk into the ocean until my body was fully submerged underwater. The only thing that could save me was this beautiful deep blue ocean or as I would call it the “Anodyne Sea”.

  4. I cannot believe my eyes! am I still in a dream? the water extends as far as the eye can see and goes on endlessly. I turn around and look at the beautiful house I am in. why would the genie bring me here? such a beautiful house with no one else to admire it. I walk back inside the house and the genie is there to greet me. “not what you wanted?” the genie said. “of course not!” I wanted to be done with the stress but not in complete isolation!” you will have one more chance to make a wish, make this one count. I close my eyes and start thinking of the things I want the most, everything I could ever need in life. finally, I am about to utter my most important wish I am forced awake by the sound of my family bickering. I am back in my room, I still have the test coming up and my family is still downstairs. and it was everything I could have wished for.

  5. I wake up confused and I’ve had the weirdest dream. I made a wish to a genie to live in my own island and she told to think twice about what I would wish for. I hear the sound of the ocean and I glance out the window and all i see is that I’m surrounded by a beautiful ocean. My dream had come to reality. I am living lusciously all by myself on Paradise Island. I am finally by myself, I am content, and nobody to bother me. I hear footsteps down stairs and people chattering. Oh no who can it be? It’s everything you can imagine! This house isn’t just a mansion it appears as a gate to another world and its located just downstairs of my house. This house has a mall, a park, schools, a gym, everyone has their own apartment and the views from their window are different species, one has a view of dolphins and the other sharks. If somehow, I can make one more wish that would make everyone disappear and I would have this island all to myself. The next day, I wake up and go downstairs and its silent, everyone is gone I sigh. ahh at last

  6. I start to think if I swim out the sea, then maybe there will be another nearby island. It was pointless. There were probably sharks in the water. “Where the hell am I?” I thought. I run back upstairs, go in my bed and close my eyes. Maybe this is all a dream. I open my eyes back up and see that I’m still here. I pinch myself in the arm. No luck with that either. I was lonely. I missed everyone. I missed my family. I missed my friends at school. I wonder if my family notices that I’m gone. Maybe they will report me missing. I go back outside and I find a branch. I think maybe if I draw “S.O.S,” then a plane will see me. Days go by and not a single plane flys by. My family and friends probably didn’t even care at this point. As I doze in and out of a nap, I see a plane. I get up quickly and wave my hands hoping they will see me with my sign in the sand. The plane flys by. It feels like my heart fell in my stomach. I fall on the sand and start crying. I look up and see the genie walking towards me smiling. “I thought this is what you wanted?” the genie said. “No, I didn’t mean it in this way. I don’t want this at all. I just want to be with my family. I miss home.” “Well I granted you your wish. you didn’t appreciate what you had.” “Please, I just wish I can go back home.I shouldn’t have taken things for granted. I’m sorry. I just want to go home” I cried. I lay down in the sand and continue to cry. As I open my eyes to wipe my tears. I notice that I came back to my old room. Everything was back to normal. I heard my parents downstairs in the kitchen. I ran downstairs and gave both of them a big hug. They looked at me like I was crazy. I held on tight appreciating this very moment with them.

  7. “I always make wishes, but they never come true. What happen today”. Why all of the sudden this wish that i didn’t even mean wants to come true”. She said. Feeling so lost. “yes it’s a big Mansion, but I live all by myself in it with nobody to share it with. What point does it makes”. “I always wanted to live on my own, so nobody can tell me what to do or bother me. but not like this, in this lonely island surrounded by water”. What if this house sink in the deep blue sea. What am i going to do. I don’t even know how to swim”. She said, Feeling sad. She went to the back of the Mansion and see a tree. She start to over thinking. “wait this tree look the tree of life. Am I dead!? great!” Days pass by she’s living her lonely life.
    She’s starting to run out of food. She’s trying her best to catch some fish to eat. “Well at least I have a tree, a little land with my house on it and plenty of water with plenty of fish to eat. What more can I ask for. “I’m grateful but I just wish I have my family around or at least somebody”. She said, sitting under the tree. Staring at the beautiful peaceful water. The genie appear out of nowhere. “Well done, you have pass the test”. Now close your eyes.

    1. Interesting Diasmine. I like how you chose to write in third person and what kind of freedom it gave you as opposed to first person narrative

  8. There’s no sign of technology anywhere or even electricity. I’ve wanted to feel “off-the-grid” but how do I know that’s safe? There’s a small rowboat tied to the dock outside. Inside the boat is a map to what looks like the edge of a continent, back to what must be civil. I’m not sure I’m ready for that but knowing now that I can get into the boat and back to reality at any time is relieving. I lay in a hammock and watch birds dive into the sea for fish. If I really try to soak up the seclusion perhaps I’ll appreciate my busy life once I’m back to it.

  9. As I stare upon the façade of the mansion, it seems to be moving ever so slightly as if it were a projection. “Aren’t genies supposed to give 3 wishes?” I thought to myself as my mind rushed at a million miles a second. I walked back inside and found a computer which I must have missed when I gazed around the room. “Maybe I can use Google to find out where I am.” The computer booted up as normal, but as soon as I pressed Google Chrome, the screen turned black and an ominous figure appeared with a message. Upon the screen, the message said: T̳̞͓̟̃͒͘ͅh̑ͬ̋̍̋ͥ͑e̖̺̞̮͌ͯ͂̃͂̊͜ ͎͍̖̌̈ͭ̈͞g͎̝̻̟͕ͧ̃ͭa̡̳̳̠͔͗̃̓m̩͕̺̖͂̈́ͧ͂̔̉ḙ̘̳̰́ͪ̍̎̎̑͑ ̴̭̖̞̲̯̫̋̽͌ͬb̑̐̏̑͋ͨͣ҉̺̜͖̲͉e̬͈̯̤͎̪̻͂͡g̡̗̿ͤ̓͗́ͅí̪͚̠͆̔͠ń̶̙̝s̄̽ͬ̍̈́͑̚ ̪͎̘̺̼̞͋̒ṅ̥͕̲̿ͨõ̴ͨͨ̋͌̎w̬̗̰̼̽͑̀ͥ̏͠.͕̗͙̙͎̲͊́ͨ̈́̆ ̴ͪͦ͛̐̏̚Y̧̤͖̅ͪ̃̈́ͬ̌ͭo̸̫̮̗̯̳͔̻̊͌u̠͓͙̰͗ͯͯ͠ ̳̻͙̭̙̲̟̓ͩͮh̵͔͍ͩͣ͑̉̅̊a̴͚̰̥͖ͮͅv̲̹̽̑ͪͣ̑ê̵̥̫̫͈ͯ̊͌ͩ ̰̝̳̓̀ͮ͂͆̋̅ͅ2̧̰͉̙̞̳͖͔̔4̨ͣ̈ ͈̦͇̑͆͗h͏̥͇̱̗̟o̻͎ͣͭ̓u̴͇̔ͯ̃ͭr̺̄͛͑̌͠s̨̳ͩ̓͐.̴̣̯̥ At that moment all the lights went dim, and the darkness engulfed me. A voice then appeared over the computer speakers stating, “The choices you have made have led you to this game. The final destination is at your discretion. You choose your destiny.” Around me, the interior of the house disappeared like a veil torn away. The room was entirely white, with only the computer screen remaining. Suddenly, what I thought was the genie appeared upon the screen. “You have 2 choices and this choice dictates the rest of your life. You can either remain alone at the mansion which we projected for you or we will return you to your home with your family, but the game will continue. You have 24 hours to decide.” I sat there dumbfounded. “What was this game? Was it worth going home if it were to continue?” I must make a decision ..

  10. I was in shock when I was awaken by my family’s bickering. Confused as can be I remember vividly of what had just happened. Out of nowhere I was approached by a genie telling me that I had three wishes to ask for.
    I was frightened at first but then I realized this could be the best thing that could happen to my life. In these wishes I could ask for anything. Exciting as this sounds I was afraid if this could all be true. I wished for a huge mansion where there won’t be anyone telling me what to do with my life. Surrounding me was a beautiful view of an ocean. There were birds singing and no sign of anyone else. This was the best experience of my life. By the time I was ready to say my second wish, I was awoken to realize that this was too good to be true. I hope that I get another chance where my wishes become a reality than a broken dream.

  11. This wasn’t Genies first time dealing with a person who want to be alone. But she was a genie and you didn’t have to exactly say you wanted to be alone to be alone. So when the girl had asked to have graduated college and move out on her own she did just that she moved her out . To a small piece of island completely surrounded by water, one big enough for the house and a yard. She could hear screaming “Genie! I take it all back.” coming from the girl.Genie wondered around her own dimension she would leave the girl there a while than return maybe with this she would appreciate what she had. So Genie continued out with her scroll apple in hand.

  12. As I stare out across the ocean, I realize how ungrateful I have been. There are so many people that can only wish to have a family, to bicker with. That’s part of love. You fight the most with the ones you love. Oh how I long to see my family again. Oh how much I miss the chaotic mornings at breakfast. I miss fighting with my brothers over who gets what proportion of scrambled eggs and how greedy the other person is for taking all the bacon. I miss fighting over the television in the living room. I miss getting yelled at for taking so long in the 1 bathroom in the whole house that we must all share. I took all those things for granted and wished them away and now I miss them. As the saying goes “You don’t know what you got, until you lose it.” I start to cry hysterically and run back to the bed. I curl up and close my eyes. When I open my eyes again I am in my bedroom. I run all around the house looking for everyone and each time I find someone I hug them, and kiss them. It was all a dream or should I say a NIGHTMARE. My family is not gone. My house is not on the water. I will forever be grateful and never take my family for granted again. As the quote goes “You don’t choose your family, they are God’s gift to you.” They are the best gift I could ever ask for.

  13. “Be careful what you wish for” had a lesson behind the saying now. Her wishes were taken out of context, granted in such a literal context leaving her alone and deserted. Realizing there is no in between, and she cannot have everything the way she wants. She is outside the mansion, kneeling and crying. Wanting everything to return to her previous life before she got what she thought she had wanted. The genie returns, looking around facing the ocean. She uses her final wish; however, he gives her a disclaimer that her last wish request reverses what she originally asked for. Explaining she was better off before the wishes, but only realized after all three wishes were granted.

  14. I wake up screaming “ Genie! I Take It All Back”, thinking it was just all a bad dream. I missed those days I would wake up from all the noise my family was making. Before the thought of graduating and being able to move out on my own had always been a dream. As an adult, I have realized to value the time that I have to spend with my family. Every day I spend living all alone in this mansion had just felt like an ongoing cycle. There was just silence in this mansion. I wish that I could take back the wishes but it’s too late now.

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