1. Brandon
    All of a sudden, three faceless doctors started to surround each of us. They each held a scalpel in their hands, which were dripping in blood. I tried to make a run for it but out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the doctors hold the scalpel to Nick’s throat. I knew that if I took one more step, I wouldn’t have my best friend anymore. Suddenly, Demetri took the tool out of one of their hands and joined me on the other side of the room. I knew once we rescued Nick, we could work together to overpower them.

    Now that I no longer live in the Turtle Castle, I tell old tales to my children. As I am telling the story, I can’t even believe it myself most days, it seems as if it is a story out of a fairytale. My daughter asks me, “Mommy, was it a real turtle or were you just using your imagination”. How can I possibly convince my daughter that this wasn’t all made up in my head so I reply, “It was my imagination sweetie but maybe one day I can show you what I saw when I was a child.”

  2. – We hear a crash as David suddenly yelps from the staircase. We rush to the scene only to find David’s head bleeding from a cut he recieved from the fall and his ankles bruised. We try to quickly find equipment for his injuries all the while asking what happened to him. He looks down, terrified, and stutters, “I-I-I-it was a b-b-b-banana.” He looks down in a shameful face, red from embarrassment. Confused, I look up the staircase to find a banana peel on the floor with clear skid marks. I take the peel and wave it in front of David’s face. “ooOooooOooo scawy bananwa” I said as we all burst out laughing at this tense situation. We suddenly hear a child giggle and an echoed voice seems to be coming from within our head, “haha, we got him Michelle.” Frozen in shock and terror, we all turn to look at each other to confirm what we had all went through that. We all nodded simultaneously. Suddenly, the banana in my hand forms into the head of a small child as she starts screaming. In a rush of adrenaline and fear I toss the head upstairs and gets David on my back. I try to trudge us down the staircase as fast as I could but realized that David was getting heavier and heavier. I look at my back to find a person in a surgeon’s outfit and a scalpel. He cuts my back as I toss him on the ground and rush downstairs. We all escape out the front door to find the sirens blaring and David’s body decapitated and burned with the words, “Get out” carved on his chest. We all cry in agony as we all climb the fence back home. I look back on the 12th floor and saw David waving at me.

    – I climb up towards the young boy. In an instant, the turtle begins to start moving. I quickly try to grab onto a vine hanging down to control my balance. The boy looks at me, grinning as he urges me to climb up. I look up and shouts for help. I realize that he wasn’t going to help me. I find my breathing unsteady and rigid. He shouts back, “Relax and control your breathing.” I look up, close my eyes, and take a deep breath. I suddenly find my strength and balance as I look around to see what I can do. I suddenly notice that there was a ladder to my left all this time. “Ah. So you can finally see.” The boy shouts. “Congratulations. You passed the test, you’re one of us now.” I look at him, confused, and starts swinging towards the ladder. I let go of the vine and fly towards the ladder. I climb up to find a beautiful mountain, rivers flowing seamlessly through the rocks, and a waterfall. I stare in amazement as the boy nudges me towards a building. Inside I find an incredible amount of humans. The little boy drags me throughout the building, showing me where my room was, the e as ting lounge, etc. He finally sits me down in an office, and instantaneously he transforms into turtle. “So, what job would you want?” He says. I smile in excitment as my new life begins.

  3. Brandon
    It was pitch black and this floor felt a little spooky. We had our flash lights on to try to make out what was on the 12th floor. We walked through the hallway, looking through each room. A door slammed. We jumped in panic. I tried to calm everyone down. “Maybe it was the wind”. We continued looking through the rooms. We all noticed something move so quickly at the corner of our eyes. We couldn’t make out what it was. Then all the doors slammed shut one by one. Whatever or whoever was here was upset that we trespassed. We all had our backs against each other moving in circle with our flashlight to see who was there. We couldn’t see anything. Something moved fast again. We were all scared and tried to run back to the staircase. As we were running, Demetri tripped over something. We tried to run back to pick up Demetri but something or someone dragged him quickly before we can even get to him. We heard Demetri scream until it quickly got silent again. A million thoughts were running in my head filled with fear. Nick grabbed my shirt and we ran down the stair case. We ran so fast down the stairs that we both end up rolling down the stairs. We both screamed in panic. We got up as quickly as possible and try to make our way to the entrance. We heard all these voices whispering in our ear getting closer and closer to the door. I made it outside breathing heavily to catch my breath. I turned around to see if Nick was okay. There was no sign of Nick. I could’ve sworn he was next to me. I noticed blood oozing out of the bottom of the door. I banged on the door to see if Nick is okay, but I knew they got him too. I ran. I ran as fast as I can screaming for help.


    When the turtle brought the boy up, I was happy to show him around the castle. I wanted him to see that it was much better living up here than down there. Everybody in the castle was smiling and always happy. Months went by and we grew closer to each other and became best friends. We watered each other’s plants and watched each other grow into the best versions of ourselves. We became inseparable in the Castle. We eventually became lovers and we invited all the turtle people to our wedding ceremony. We had children and decided to raise them with the other turtle children instead of raising them outside the castle. We were once sad children, but life was great. Moving to this turtle castle changed our lives for the best.

  4. Brandon:
    My heart started racing, sweat dripping from my forehead. I looked around to my friends, we were not prepared for this. my senses became heightened, I looked around the room maybe we were all just hallucinating. they said this building has been emitting radiation for years. yeah that’s it we are all just hallucinating, there is no such thing as ghost and spirits. those were just stories to keep people away from here. I took a deep breath and turned around to Demetri, and that is where I saw it. its eyes were bright red, and its skin was pale grey, peeling off as if unnecessary to be there, this is what I imagined death to be like. I tried to scream but I couldn’t, I tried to run but I couldn’t. nick and Demetri were on the floor, it was coming towards me. This is it. I tried to scream one last time and that is when I was shook back and forth. it was nick and Demetri and we were outside the building. “what’s wrong man we haven’t even gone in yet” nick said. I have a bad feeling about this.

    I spent thousands of years roaming this earth, one slow step at a time I have probably covered this whole planet at least twice. I was lonely and felt I had no purpose; my kind was wiped out by a meteor thousands of years ago. I was only a small turtle then, but we were known to be as big the Tyrannosaurus rex maybe even bigger. I don’t know why I was the one who lived amongst all the rest, maybe there was another destiny for me. I spent so many years wondering alone, I watched new species be birthed, live and then perish just like my kind. It wasn’t until I saw a human, and then another and then soon there were colonies of them, some would perish but they lived more than any other species I have ever seen. I was amazed and found to be so cute. Some feared me, but others just gazed in awe. That was when I saw her, a little girl crying all alone. She told me she didn’t have a home and that no older human claimed her as their child. That was the day I decided I would be the caretaker of all children with no place to be.

  5. 1. Suddenly a voice comes over the intercom system “Hello children, I’ve been watching you for some time now… Welcome to my home. I want you to meet someone very near and dear to me…. my daughter”. We were all astonished by the distorted voice but we heard the door unlock and rushed out in a panic. We shut the door behind us and took a giant sigh of relief. Within seconds we start to hear footsteps coming from the long dark hallway in front of us. It sounds like wet feet smacking against the floor. As the noise grew louder, a woman appeared out of the darkness, wearing a white hospital gown. We couldn’t see her face at all, her dark black hair was covering it. She started to weep lightly, then suddenly she stops. The hallway grew silent. She then started to twist her body, her head was turned backwards, her arms and legs were inverted and she was on all fours like an insect. She then released a piercing shriek that chilled us to the bone. We ran for our lives as she began to chase us. That was the last time I saw Demitri and Nick.

    2. The child ran up to the castle with haste. As soon as he stepped foot in the courtyard of the castle, a dark shadow consumed the entire castle. I was curious, I looked around for an answer for this dark shadow. Then I saw it, a pitch black dragon with piercing red eyes was soaring above the castle. The turtle yells “Deathwing!”. All of the children run for shelter within the castle, to hide from the dragon, but I was paralyzed by the thought of this horrifying dragon. The dragon came real close to the castle and said “Do you think you can live on this turtle forever child?”. I was still stunned, I could think of the words but nothing came out. The dragon led out a vicious roar, paralyzing me in further even further. The dragon chuckled a bit, then released a fiery breath upon the castle, burning it to the ground. I sat there in fear still as I watched the castle burn to the ground.

  6. I heard the screams again, they become regular around here in Building 93. Floor 11, which is were i received is occupied by a few others.You could say we were the most regular out of all the floors. We were able to remember everything done to use, every single detail of it. However it did not destroy our minds. The other the one on the lower floors had gone a bit crazy. Some didn’t talk and just flinched when you tried to talk to them. There were a few that just sat on the stairs or on a open window sill. The ones you didn’t want to confront are on Floor 12, they like us remember everything, but they have become crazier than all. They like to torture, like they were torture. They find joy in it, a sadistic smile on their faces could be seen when they are doing something terrible. I think the electricity messed with their brain badly and maybe turned off their emotions. It seems something is going on up there, maybe we’ll get company som

  7. 1) When the door slammed shut, and I heard the scream, my immediate reaction was to hide. I tried to run but my knees locked, I can’t move. Oh my God, what’s goings on? I hear doctors and nurses laughing and talking about my friend and me but I can’t feel a thing. They have scalpels ready to do something to me and I want to scream, ”Let me go!” but, nothing comes out of my mouth. They injected me with something to paralyze my body, they are laughing at me because the see my eye balls moving like crazy, they know I want to talk but can’t. The door opens and everyone stops talking. It’s a huge man with a mask and a knife. He’s walking towards me, what is he going to do?

    2) This enormous turtle was full of so much love. She used her shell to shelter children in need. I owe my life to her. She is getting old and soon will not be able to bear the weight of all the children. I need to find a home for them and find a way to repay this amazing turtle by taking care of her now. She is slower than the average turtle, and can barely get around as she is aging. I look ahead and see other turtles approaching, they offer to take in the children on their backs/ castles so I can look after her and take care of her.

  8. Brandon
    We quickly looked around the whole dark room and noticed that Nick was not in the room with us. but when did this happen? Demetri and i were really starting to get scared at this point and we knew we had to get out of the building but we were not planning on doing it without Nick. We shouted Nick’s name hoping for a response from him to help us find him. ”Nick! Nick! Where are you?” ”Im right here guys” his voice was coming from the hallway, we rushed to get him and quickly get out of the building, it just did not feel right to be there anymore. After we left the building Demetri and I noticed a change in Nick’s personality, not completely noticeable but us knowing each other since middle school we knew there was something off about him …

    This young boy we picked up did not talk. We did not know his name, or his story. We knew nothing about him. He was always alone, anytime i would see him he would be either sitting on top of the turtles head or right on the edge of the land, but always facing forward. He had a unique look on his face, as if he was looking for something or waiting for something to happen. It was very weird. Not knowing anything about him for a while caught my attention and i decided to stalk him a little. One day as he was staring into the sunset as he usually did, his eyes went all white and a light coming out form his eyes projected out a picture of a happy family with him in it … i did not know what to say to him. Ask him about his family or what the hell he was, projecting images out his eyes.

  9. Brandon
    As we heading inwards towards the hospital there was an eerie sense of feeling that didn’t seem to go away as we went further and further in. My friends and I dared each other to see who could stay the whole night in this abandoned hospital without leaving. In my mind I wished I could just leave and run away! I knew there was no hope left for us it seemed we wouldn’t return home alive. I heard a whisper in my ear frightened by what it was and I ran out never to return again to that place. I have no idea as to what happened that night to my friends as I never spoke or heard about them again.

    The turtle castle is where I call home. All my life I have lived and grown as a person on top this magical land. We turtle people moved from one place to another not knowing where we would end up next. I loved traveling everyday seeing the wonder of nature and what it could possibly do. Looking through my rooftop window I was amazed at how beautiful life was. The turtle was like a mother to me. She took care of me with warmth and love all of her life. With time she became older day by day. The day finally came where she couldn’t move any further and it was the last day we had with each other.

  10. B — Before I even opened my eyes I heard birds chirping and felt leaves grazing my face as the wind carried them by. I peeled my eyes open, startled to see sunlight and a clear blue sky. Laying next to me was Demetri and standing above us was a park ranger asking if we were lost. We certainly were. Everything from last night was a hazy memory. I couldn’t articulate a clear complete sentence about why we were there. Demetri didn’t say a word, we looked at each other then took off into a sprint towards the front gate. It was locked.

    C — I’ve heard that there are other children out there living on other creatures. Some live on birds and get to fly up super high and look down on the rest of the world. Some live on horses and gallop faster than any of the other creatures. Sometimes I fantasize about what it would be like to live on one of these other animals. Would I be happier if I were higher from the ground or traveling faster? Or had the ability to burrow underground? But I am certain I wouldn’t be. The turtle chose me for a reason, this is the pace I need to take when traveling through this world.

  11. Carla- Being picked up by this turtle not only saved my life but it gave me a better home, much like a second chance compared to where I was before. When I came here it was magical, there was cotton candy colored trees, fruitful flowers and the water on the castle was clear that I can see my reflection. My reflection was pure and clean. I was given a room that was decorated in blueish greenish colors, nature-like. I asked the turtle why me? He responded “I know what you’ve been through, and you deserve to have fun like children are supposed to, now come along my child there’s more to this place that I have to show you” I smiled in silence.

    Brandon: This reminds me of the day my friends and I were driving at night and my friend mentions a house in Lawrence that they wanted to explore, its located not too far from where we lived, it was a haunted house and to them it seemed like a fun thing to do. The superstition was that if you go near near the house, you would hear a lady’s voice. A side of me was terrified that left me speechless, but I didn’t want to ruin their plan, so I went along. This house is a mansion and it had a big front lawn, it looks as if they haven’t mowed the lawn in years. The grass was decomposing, there weren’t any lights in the house, nor any cars in sight, just us. Does anyone live here? As we approached closer, my friend who was driving decided to punk out and not go along with the plan. I was fortunate enough to get out of this situation smoothly.

  12. Brandon: Hospital of Horror
    We hadn’t really prepared for this, we were all so sure that the rumors could not have possibly been true, boy were we wrong. Nick is getting hysterical. He sprints to a corner of the room, slides his back down the walls until he is sitting with his knees pressed close to his chest. Demetri is pacing the floor spewing out every curse word he’s ever learned since the 3rd grade. And I’m-well let’s just say we were all freaking out. I take a deep breath and collect my thoughts. I remind Nick his inhaler is in his back pocket and tell Demetri to shut up and let me think.
    “Let’s all calm down. It was probably nothing. The door most likely slammed because the shattered windows of the building lets in a draft. And I’m sure the other thing was the echo of some bird from far away.” That b.s seems to comfort them a bit (admittedly me too).
    We searched the room trying to find the coolest looking thing we can take back to prove that chickening out was not our forte. Suddenly the door creeks open and red foot prints follow out through the doorway. A new one appears every time we get closer. With caution, we follow it, going back through that dark hallway. I remember my lighter in my front coat pocket and pull it out to guide us. We crouched down to get a better look at the continuing footprints when nearly three seconds later a pair of bare feet stop our path. I looked down and to my left and counted six shoes including mine. In half a second, I dropped my lighter and everything went black.

    Carla: Children of the Turtle Castle
    With hesitation the boy backed away. Looking like he would make a run for it I tell him to stop and that if he came up, all his sadness would disappear. That no one would hurt him anymore and he would have many brothers and sister and he would play in the castle and on the fields and have his own room.
    “Look at me. I’m a kid just like you. And I’m okay.” With what I said, the boy’s worried face eased up.
    See we never grow up here. We are all liked and wanted. We all get along and when a new child appears, turtle castle chooses one of us to bring them up and show them how we live. It makes us feel like we are the greatest children in the world and that our life before we poofed here was all a horrifying nightmare.
    The boy took a second to think. “do you have LEGOs?” he said.
    I smiled and nodded as I rolled down the wooden ladder.

  13. Brandon:
    There had to be someone in this building besides me, Nick, and Demetri. At this point, we were screwed our flashlights were dead. It was very difficult to navigate where we were at this point. We had started to realize that something was up, we had found metal medical tools and a scalpel, this was all starting to match up. Recently in the news, there were many reports of kidnapping and people going missing. In the dark hallway, we heard a man’s footsteps. This had to be the culprit. We all quickly then hide under the table panicking what should we do? Our lives were in danger. This man really seemed to be crazy, he had felt our presence.

    Growing up I had nothing to call my family or home, the turtle castle had changed my life. It had almost felt like I was living the fantasy. Here I felt more accepted, everybody was so nice to each other. I considered the turtle as a mother figure in my life. She has taken very good care of me and taught me many things. The view outside the castle was incredible, there were mountains. Every day we always saw something new and that was the best part about it.

  14. Brandon

    I slammed my body angst the door. Each scream reenforcing my resolved for this door to fall. But it was metal and very heavy. It was made to keep people out or keep them in. But who was screaming? I stop hurling by body agents the door. I turn around and count. one, two, three, and four with myself. Why was that number seem wrong? One… I call out to Imagin. I get a “yes.” Two…I call out Evan. I get a “yes.” Three… that’s me. Four… who is four?!
    “Who is there?!’ I yell. Imogen and Evan start to scream recognizing that extra shadow in the room. I fell them come to my side without back again the door. Who are you?! I scream at the figure. But as soon at the eco dilapidated from the room. The figure split into two additional figures. Three shadow figures three of us. Ecos coming back form the sliced to answer. “we are you!”


    Life on the back of the turtle was peaceful and fun. It was a city full of children. We spent most of our days swimming in the lakes, climbing the trees, and playing games. Every few days a new child would come to the city. But after some time I noticed that with every new child another child would disappear. Time seems to pass slower here. I would look over the edge of the turtle and the world would be at the highest of summer. Look again after a few days and the first signs of fall begin to show. One day after spending hours looking over the edge. A boy who I had not seen before sat down next to me and looked over too. I had not seen him before. “are you new here?” I asked. “I was once” he answered. I gave him a confused look. He just stared back at me. His eyes looking at me like an adult would. Wondering if I was up to no good. “I can see you are curious and smart. I wonder if you have noticed anything else interesting about this place?” He said as he made a wide gesture over the landscape. “Are you talking about the missing children?” I asked. With a smirk, he said “I’m going to tell you a secret, and give you choice that I was never given.” The boy went on to explain that the children here do not age. But our minds do. Since our minds age, the childish things that once entertained us no longer are fulfilling. That’s when the aged children are taken into the castle to be educated and learn how to take care of the castle. He told me that he has been on the turtles back for nearly 300 years and can no longer recall what his childhood home looked like. He then gave me a choice. To stay on the turtles back, to live a long life in my child body until the time comes that in madness I take my own life. Or return back to the world below where I might still be an orphan but I can grow up, experience a full life in the knowledge that I will age and time will one day take me.

  15. Response to Carla:
    Nothing was the same. The castle began falling apart little by little. We no longer moved as much and we tended to travel very slow. Until one day we were no longer in such high altitude and we never moved from the same place again. Everything about the castle had changed, the walls and the doors all seemed upset. The grass no longer began growing green.

    Response to Brandon: The lights begin to flicker until they finally stay on. Each of us sees our biggest fear standing over our shoulder. For me, it is my step-father who I feared because of all the physical pain he would put me and my mom through, there was also an old lady with no eyeballs and a spider nearly 6 feet. They took a look at us from head to toe meanwhile making a 360 around us. Here we are facing our biggest fear.

  16. Brandon
    I couldn’t believe what I saw with my eyes. I started to shake and sweat. I looked around to see that we circled by all the dead’s In the hospital. They looked disgusting and faceless. They barely had any meat left on their body. “Holy crap” Nick said in a disbelief. I was so terrifies, k became mute. They were getting close to us. There was dead doctors who’s holding tools. “let’s cut them open” the doctors said unclear but we managed to understand. I looked with the corner of my eyes to see the only window that can save us. I made a run for it and all my friends followed. We jump out of the window as a group didn’t care if we’ll die or survive. I felt my body hit some garbage bags. That was close but we survived. Never again!.

    I couldn’t remember where I came from, because I spent too much time taking care of this turtle castle. One day I told one of the girls to take care of the castle. While I go out to see if I find any of my family. I was young I couldn’t remember anything. After spending time on that turtle castle. I’m starting to remember that I was with my papa when he told me to stay by this river and he’ll be back. He never came back what if my papa is hurt, that’s why his not coming back. Wait what if the turtle hurt my dad so it can take me. I don’t know what’s going on here, but I must find my papa.

  17. Brandon
    In the moment, the three of us are panicking and aren’t moving from our spots surrounding the examination table. Without given any time to think of how to escape, the examination table starts shaking and we all back away in a hurry. All three examination tables slide and bang against the wall, with blood splattering against the wall and the temperature drops immediately. We all begin shaking, unsure of how to escape and without any service to call for help. Knowing that we were visiting an unsecure area, I shared my location on my phone with my friend that didn’t come with us because he was to scared from the start.

    The turtle collected children, many children came after me. Looking back now, all my closest friends lived with me on the turtle. No longer being a child, I remember making my best memories alongside the turtle who cared for all the children, however we all shared the responsibilities of taking care of the turtle castle to keeping it prospering.

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