May 14, 2019

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Sorry it took me a while to scan second part of “The Lover” with an app on my phone, that is why the slightly angled pages but it’s all legible, checked page number-wise and ready to be printed. 

You prompt is to write the character arch of the woman throughout the book from the beginning of the plot to the end of it. Where does her journey in the book start, who she is, what is her socio-economic background and how her character develops and how you see it. This is minimum 200 words. 

Next class is our last class. Please make sure you attend the class with your hard copies on time so that we can have a good farewell session. 

I will return your papers which I’m still holding on to and please make sure you post this response here but no need for hard copies from these responses because I will not have a chance to return them.  I’ll leave comments on your posts in blog.

Deadline: Monday 8pm

So next Thursday we don’t have class. You have time to turn in your final essay paper as a document by email and posted under relavant tab “Final Drafts” until the May 21st at 8pm. Other instructions are found in the syllabus and you can email me with any question.

Again, just like your first draft, late papers will not be accepted. 

I had a very good experience with you as a class, despite the fact that it’s been an early morning one and inevitably not so convenient of timing for many, but thanks to those of you who were on time, on top of deadlines, read the books, participated in class discussions and those of you who made a connection and conversed. Even if you didn’t, maybe and hopefully this semester planted the seeds of some questions for you. Just like it did for me. I am humbled and privileged to be given the opporunity to read your writing and being privy to your thought process and creative efforts. Thanks for your trust. 

See you in class on Tuesday. Please come to class prepared to discuss the second part of “The Lover”

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  1. The story of “The Lover”, begins with the main character who is a French girl living in Sadec who does not come from very much money. She is perceived as being very cold hearted and it seems as though she is numb to feeling any emotion. She attends school in Saigon where she works hard in math to make her mother happy even though she has a strong passion for writing. Her father and younger brother had both passed away, leaving her with her mother who favors her abusive, elder brother. Everything shifts in her life when she meets the rich, Chinese man in the limousine. Soon he becomes her lover as his wealth attracts her and her family. It becomes clear to the main character that her family now relies on her due to her relationship with the Chinese man. She also finds that she has power within this relationship as well. She views the genuine love he has for her as weak. As the age difference begins to become apparent to others, she moves back to France where the lovers can no longer be together. Through this relationship, she discovers the power her family had always taken away from her. For once, she took a risk and broke free from her mother’s commands. This would help her become the writer she had always aspired to be later on in her life.

    1. What’s interesting is that through all of the abuse that she suffered, she refused to admit it to herself through a lot of years. Instead of seeing how her relationship with everyone was, especially the dinner scenario, she still refuses to accept that her family likes to take advantage of other people and are not respectable towards anyone. Once she finally understands that she can become what she wants to do, that’s when she starts to break free from her family and finally come to the conclusion that they are no longer needed.

  2. The lover is about the narrator coming from a poor, abusive family. The elder brother is the type to want to kill someone, the mother is the type to emotionally and mentally abuse her daughter. The narrator meets a Chinese millionaire who confesses to being in love with the narrator. The narrator denies loving him but continues to be in a relationship with him. Eventually, the narrator and the millionaire get to be in an co operative relationship, but the narrator’s family only accepts the Chinese millionaire for his money. They accept the fact that the Chinese man is in a relationship with their underaged daughter. The Chinese man feels outcasted as the narrator’s family only accepts him for his money, not himself as a person. Eventually, the narrator splits apart from the Chinese man due to her family moving. Their relationship splits apart. The narrator then realizes that her family is abusive and becomes what she wants to be instead of following orders. She then hears from the Chinese man again after many years and hears that he still loves her.

  3. The Lover is an autobiographical story of memories described by the narrator Marguerite herself. The story starts off describing this young French girl from Sadec who returns to school in Saigon. She comes from very little money. She immediately describes her passion for writing and the fact that her mom does not of approve it as she wants her focused on math. Throughout the story her narration seems very dry. There is not real connection or emotions. It’s as if she has put up a wall to protect her feelings. She describes her mother and brothers but most importantly this blinded unconditional love for the eldest brother. There seems to be feelings of resentment and hate for the eldest brother and at some points she describes loving and hating her mom. The story shifts and there is a focus on the young girl wearing dress, gold shoes, fedora hat. The story then transitions back to her on the ferry and meeting this elegant looking man in the big black limousine. He is Chinese, not white as she is. It is here that the story portrays her love and attraction to his wealth. She loves the idea of being picked up and driven around in this black limousine. When first reading the story there is this feeling that she does not care about this man because of how she treats him. She is cold to him around her family, just as they are, but as you read further I do feel this connection she has to him, not just about wealth. There was interference of timing, age, and differences in their socio-economic status. The girl moves to France and the relationship ends. It would have been impossible for their relationship to have worked, both families were against especially his dad. I feel as if that is why she built this wall, which made her seem cold, and as if she did not care. She had this love hate relationship with her mom and eldest brother, and then a forbidden relationship that was doomed. She learned to mask her feelings. The story fast forwards to her pursing her passion of writing, also detail marriages and children in the lives of the Chinese man and her own as well. At one point she describes passionately the body of Helene. This made me think she had an issue with her identity, who she was or wanted to be. The story ends explaining years after the war, marriages, children, divorces & books, the Chinese man the lover calling her when he returns to Paris with his wife. He tells her he still loved her and could never stop loving her. The fact that Marguerite ends her story this way, makes shows that she did love him as well. I feel as if there is some regret.
    Sometime feelings are masked but it does not mean they do not exist. I think she was good at hiding her feelings and emotions do to the life she had growing up. She is a strong independent woman who is no longer consumed by her mother and eldest brother. She can write about what she wants including them without fear. She is her own person.

    1. Hi Jenise,

      I agree that sometimes people mask their feelings, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. With the narrator, she was going through so much, that she probably didn’t realize she had any emotions because her family didn’t show any. All it took was for one person to change her life for her to see things a little differently. Despite her being with him for his wealth, I’m happy that she started to feel more emotions for him and he still loves her.

  4. In the opening of the The Lover, we encounter the narrator as an older woman. She is reflecting on an encounter she had with a man who commented that her “ravage” face being more attractive. The narrator then starts to reflect on her youth. She briefly introduces the moment she meets her lover before departing back to a time before the event. We learn that she is from a French family that is living in French Indochina. After the death of her father. Her mother is left to raise her and her two brothers. Her mother works hard and tries different ventures to support the family. Her older brother we learn is abusive and a drug addict. Her younger brother is more sensitive and often the target of the older brothers abuses. The abusive nature of her older brother make the narrator hate him, that hatred is then directed towards her mother. Her mother favors her brothers over the narrator. But the narrator understands the family greatest chance of success lies with her. At the age of 15, she meets a wealthy Chinese man. His interest in her leads to an affair that would be a turning point for the narrator. She freely admits to him that her attention to him is only because of his wealth. Their affair goes on for some time with her families disapproval. They disprove of the affair not because of her age but because the man was Chinese. They saw him as inferior and unsuitable for a white French girl. But the family allowed for the affair to continue because they benefited. The affair came to an end when the narrator went back to France. It was during the voyage back to France that she understood she felt more affection for her lover than she had said before. This softening fo the narrator would pave the way for her to feel more than just anger and detachment from her family. The death of her younger brother brings out her love from him that she never willing to engage with before. When her mother dies she then feels regret and wanted to be closer to her mother. The narrator grows from the losses in her life. They teach to be more “human” and teach her love. As a child, she was detached unable to love anyone back. The lover finally taught her love. That matured and blossomed in loss.

    1. I understand the fact that the loss of her brother and mother both had an impact on the way she viewed things. I also really liked the ending of your response the words you used to describe her transformation is really passionate. She kind of grew attached to Sadec and all those moments especially with him will be cherished in her memory probably forever.

    2. Warren as always your writings help me clear things out, understand and see things in different points of views. You always seem to give the right amount enough of details, just enough to get the whole picture of everything , and very clear. Also your choice of words always help out as well.

    3. i like you writing, it helps me understand more from different perspective. I really like how you describe the narrator feelings and transformation from a young lady to a grown woman. it shows how losing a family or a lover can either have a positive or negative impact on her or both.

  5. Throughout the book, the character shifts into a deeper sense of self but doesn’t show this side to anyone. She shifts into an independent person, because her mother lacks attention and would rather give all her attention to her brothers. Her father and brother passed away so she’s left with no one. She eventually meets the lover, who is rich and offers to give her a ride to school every day. She later on finds pleasure with Helen Logonelles and describes how she would let her lover do what he does to Helen. At this age she’s only 15 and doesn’t really know what love is. Her experiences with the lover is her first experience for what it seems to be love but isn’t, it’s her own illusion of love. The story shifts from having a romantic relationship to the consequences such as their age, she is too young for him and she is now seeing herself as “his child” which makes them distance each other. Also, in the beginning of the book the main character was speaking in first person but later on in the she referred herself as “She”, the significance could be that she’s no longer this person and is now shifting into her own person because she’s experienced traumatic life changes that she’s coming to realize the truth. Her realizing this means she’s growing up no longer seeing herself as a child. During her voyage she still felt strong emotions for the lover and how the music of the piano reminded her of him. Despite the age difference they both still loved each other and even after they split their ways they still managed to find their way back to each other and he told her he will always love her and he never stopped loving her.

    1. “Throughout the book, the character shifts into a deeper sense of self but doesn’t show this side to anyone”–> very good note

      Great work Samantha

  6. The woman in the The Lover lives in Sadec, Vietnam with her mother and two brothers. She’s studying mathematics at a boarding school in Saigon, but her true passion lies in writing. Her family comes from France originally and without a lot of money. She struggles with truly understanding and expressing her feelings and emotions, perhaps due to the emotional and sometimes physical abuse she endures from her mother. At the docks where she boards a boat everyday for school, the young woman meets the lover, an older wealthy Chinese man, and the two begin a passionate love affair. Her mother and brothers disapprove of the relationship, sometimes sending the woman into her own internal conflict about her feelings towards the lover. Eventually her controlling mother passes away and she feels freed from the constraints of her family. The woman departs Vietnam to return back to France, at a time when her affair with the lover begins to fall apart yet she maintains a strong, cold attitude towards its demise. Until she boards the ship to France and the ship begins to depart the port. Suddenly the emotions overcome her and she weeps as she looks towards the land to see the lover parked in his black car, just as she saw him on the day they met.

    1. “She struggles with truly understanding and expressing her feelings and emotions, perhaps due to the emotional and sometimes physical abuse she endures from her mother.” —> great note.

      Thanks Tonya

    2. Tonya

      I enjoyed the way you captured that last few moments that the narrator had before leaving Vietnam. That was a defining moment for her where she truly whent from a girl to a woman. Hor journey was both physical and emotional.

  7. Throughout The Lover, the main character undergoes an internal progression of character in which she looks back upon and recounts. She comes from a poverty-stricken family which greatly influences how she handles social relationships. The poverty which weighs upon her and her family directly produces the way she meets the Chinese millionaire, as well as, how the relationship progresses. It is apparent that there is an internal struggle within her regarding the appeasement of her mother in terms of the seeking of a wealthy man to aid in the ailment which an environment of poverty harbors. At this same time, she struggles to make sense of the infatuation paired with carnal pleasure she feels for the lover, while staying consistent with her emotionless façade. The emotionless hold which ravages her mental state seems to be accredit to her older brother’s immoral actions, her mother’s loyalty to him to the point of her demise, and the poverty which was present. At this same time, she seems to find solace with the younger brother, whom she loves dearly. The continued infatuation which is shared in terror and pleasure amongst the main character and the Chinese millionaire continued up until the realization that they could not last due to the Chinese millionaire’s father’s disapproval. Ultimately, the boat which was coming to take the main character to France acted as a catalyst to their separation. Just as the boat which the main character met the Chinese millionaire began the recollection, a parallel boat took her away. Yet, the departure differed in the fact that her innocence was no more, soiled by the hunter which was the Chinese millionaire. It is apparent that throughout the story, that which was present through each actions of the main character could only be death. Insomuch, that her life and death were inseparable. The death which was present with the Lover, the death of her younger brother, and the death which her older brother subjected the family to. The story ends with the main character back in France, with a revisit from the Lover who once held her childhood captive, transforming her to the death she so readily felt.

    1. Brandon the way you detailed and made so many connections was honestly brilliant! I especially love how you connected the “boat”, it was where everything started and also what took her away from the Chinese lover. If I had not already read the lover, after reading your post I would have wanted to read it. Great job.

    2. Hi Brandon,
      Really interesting analysis, I think it is interesting that you referred the lover as her captive. I think this is a point we haven’t addressed. She mentions in the book that she was his child and he slept and did these thing to his child, which at first read I was not sure how to interpret. But after reading your post I can make a connection.

    3. “She comes from a poverty-stricken family which greatly influences how she handles social relationships.”—√√

      “It is apparent that there is an internal struggle within her regarding the appeasement of her mother in terms of the seeking of a wealthy man to aid in the ailment which an environment of poverty harbors.”—-> well put √√

      “terror and pleasure”—->√√√

      “Just as the boat which the main character met the Chinese millionaire began the recollection, a parallel boat took her away. “->√√

      ” It is apparent that throughout the story, that which was present through each actions of the main character could only be death. ” —> exactly. This is emphasized numerous times by the author.

      I agree with Jenise. This is beautiful work and analysis.

  8. The story of The lover, is about a woman from sadec. she starts by telling her story of when she was young and part of a abusive family. her mother will push her to study mathematics but she keep in mind her passion for writing. her older brother was a man with aggressive characteristics always abusing his mother’s love. She meet a Chinese man with a rich family, he confessed to her one day and she accepted his feeling. however their families where against their relationship but that didn’t matter to them. Mostly the disapproval of their relationship appear to be by race and not much about social status or wealth, also she accepted the fact that she was with him because of his money and not love. The main character was young so for her love was a chapter never explored on the book of life. How ever as time passed her family seem to approve of their relationship but because of the economic benefits they could get . In a turn of events the family of the woman decided to go to france and she leaves her lover behind in sadec. Even thought she was miles away from him, he still loved her and she was realizing that she developed true feelings for him too. By the pass of time at the end both will reunite.

  9. The Lover tells a story of a woman trying to tell the story of her love life and her past. The woman starts the story in the present and tells us how someone came up to her and told her even though her face is ravaged, he still thinks she looks beautiful. Throughout the book she bring ups the moments leading up to her meeting her Chinese lover the first time. She also mentions the differences between their 2 families, such as her family were pretty much in poverty and his family was rather well off. Her mother had quite an impact on her as a character, it seems to be with every thought she had, it bought back memories of her mother. The mother has beaten her, used her as a prostitute, and pressured her to pursue a career in mathematics. As time progresses in the book and her relationship with her Chinese lover bloomed, she searches for acceptance from her family and his. After this it seems that she stopped caring about what other people thought of them being together since her mother passed away. When she returns to Paris, the affair ceases to exist as distance becomes a giant constraint. I’ve noticed throughout the book she wanted to be loved by her Chinese lover. She wanted attention from her lover, but when she moved back to France the need for attention grew stronger in a sense. She still mentioned him even after she left for France. She had self esteem problems, with the constant thought of how she wasn’t beautiful to anyone or the part with Helene and how she described her body as being way better than hers. At the very last minute, the Chinese lover calls her and tells her how he misses her and their love will never end.

  10. In a lover we follow the story of the narrator and her experiences dealing with a toxic dysfunctional family and an unaccepted romance. Living in Sadec her family considers themselves poor, however they have the privilege to deny food and have house boys. When the narrator refers to her mother she mentions the madness and how her despair consumed her, ultimately viewing her mother always as despair, he resented her, hated her but loved her even harder the same goes for her eldest brother. When the narrator first meets her lover she is cold and disconnected, she claims she doesn’t love him and is only with him because of his money. Throughout their affair they are resented by both families, her mom and brother threaten her and say she has ruined herself being with her lover. They continue their affair for a while, sleeping in bed with him but not in his arms and on his skin just in the same bed and then being returned to the boarding school. She is adored by her lover, looking at her as if she is his own child. While the dynamic of their relationship is not your typical love story the two seek refuge in each other from the pain they deal with in their lives. It is not until things begin to get rocky and she gets on the boat back to France that we see her transform as she breaks away from her lover. A this point she begins her new life, writing and making her life as she so chooses, not at the will of anyone else, not her mom, her brother or her lover.

    1. Rachel

      It is interesting how you connected the fact that he resented being in him arms while they continued their love affair. It draws the question of was she really completely void of emotion regarding their emotion or was their any type of love that was present. Throughout the novel, I questioned if she was just basing her emotionless manner on her experience with her family, so this drew a light upon the entirety of the situation.

  11. In ‘The Lover’ the character is introduced when she is fifteen years old and lives with her two brothers and her mother. She talks about how her family are white but live in Mekong or Indochina also known today as Vietnam. She comes from a poor family, however to the outside world this is not shown. She doesn’t have a good relationship with her family members except her younger brother. She goes to school and her mother wants her to pursue a degree in mathematics. She doesn’t want this, she wants to write however its something her mother doesn’t want. She meets a Chinese man who she starts to have an intimate affair with. She doesn’t love him and only stays with him because it benefits her. The narrator goes to talk about other people one in which makes you question if it possible if she had a sexual identity crisis at one point. The way she speaks about herself in some of the scenes are confusing it’s as if she’s insulting herself. The relationship between her and the Chinese man doesn’t last first because she if leaving to France and second because both of their families are against it. I think this give her a perfect reason to run to go away to France and not look back. She is hurt by her young brothers death more than the death of her older brother. As the story goes on she seems to speak up more for herself, like the case in which she come back to the boarding school late and they were going to call her mother but she said that they didn’t have to .The narrator ends the story with the call from the Chinese man and he explains that even after so many years he still loves her.

    1. “As the story goes on she seems to speak up more for herself,”–> very good point

      Great work Carla!

  12. The woman in The Lover lives in Sadec Vietnam. She lives with her mother and two brothers. The woman and her family hails from poverty. She doesn’t represent or show her emotions as much. The woman wants to make her mother happy of her that is why she is studying mathematics. She has a great interest in writing but has no other choice. Along came one day where her whole life changed for the better. The narrator meets a Chinese millionaire in a limousine who then becomes her lover. Her whole family is astonished by his wealth and they now depend and rely on her to turn this relationship into something bigger. She has no interest in him but he has genuine love for her. There’s a age difference among them causing her to move to France where they can no longer be together. She knew it was going to be a big risk but she feared no one. This main event was an aspiration in her life to become the writer that she has always dreamt about her entire life.

  13. The main character is a French woman who grows up in an abusive home, because of this i believe she is the way she is. She keeps a lot of her emotions to herself, she is cold hearted and unable to show affection to anyone it seems. They are not a wealthy family and she grows up with her mother and two brothers, the mother and her older brother are abusive towards her and her younger brother and this makes her have a love and hate relationship with her mother but the older brother she did hate completely. At a young age she meets a wealthy Chinese man who becomes her lover, however she shows and admits to him that she is only with him for his wealth, despite this the man always loved her. Both of the families did not agree with this relationship however the woman’s family only cared for the money. She had to move back to France with her family so her relationship had to come to an end. It seemed that with her relationship coming to an end she then started to realize she actually did have feelings for him, but was not able to express them. After also losing her mother and her younger brother she expresses her feelings towards them. But she also had a sense of freedom and she felt a weight that had been lifted of her shoulders without her mother’s controlling and abusive behavior with her, she then could focus on her passion which was writing and not math like her mother would force her to focus on. Later in her adult life she made contact the lover who let her know he still loved her and always will, this was good for her because at this point she had learned how to express herself more and knew deep inside she felt the same for him. Looks like she learned from her losses and i feel like the saying ”You never know what you have until you lose it” applies to the way she lived.

    1. “It seemed that with her relationship coming to an end she then started to realize she actually did have feelings for him, but was not able to express them.” –> Interesting point.

      Good work Juan!

  14. The Lover starts with a French girl whose family is from Sadec. She lives with her two brothers and her mother because her father passed away, and her family is struggling due to poverty. She lies at Saigon at a boarding school while also attending a French Highschool to pursue a degree in mathematics because of her mother, although her passion is in writing. Despite her living situation and being surrounded in an abusive household, her life begins to shift when she meets this rich Chinese man in a black limousine. They meet as she was on a ferry crossing the Mekong River. She is not truly in love with him the same way he is in lover with her, because she is attracted to him due to his wealth. The affair lasts for some time because of her family’s disapproval of him being Chinese. But the family allowed for it to continue because they had benefited due to his wealth. Her affair with the lover came to end when she moved back to France. Growing up cold hearted and not being able to display her emotions due to her environment, after her mother and younger brothers passing, she feels free and has stronger emotions for him. Even after they split their ways, they managed to keep in contact and he tells her that he could never stop loving her.

  15. The main character in “The Lover” by Marguerite Duras is a teenage girl who lives in Sadec. She is a student where her parents work and is forced to pursue a mathematics career by her mother. Her family is not wealthy and try to control her, which doesn’t allow her to pursue her writing passion in the beginning. She feels more sympathy for her younger brother than she could ever feel for her older brother that we can predict she hates. Eventually, she meets her lover, the older Asian man who they have a big age gap between. She tends to not express emotions and gives the impression that she is empty or heartless. When her family meets the main characters lover, they do not approve the relationship, however they act as if he does not exist when they are around him. At the same time, they still continue to accept his money. After losing her mother, younger brother and lover, eventually she regrets being so emotionless and wishes she was able to express her emotions more at the time.

  16. In “the lover” The storyteller told the story from her point of view as a grown-up, numerous decades after the events take place. The storyteller was born in 1917. She is French young lady living in Sadec in French Indochina with her mom and two siblings. Her dad died quite a long while beforehand and since that time, the mother has made a few poor speculations, which have drained away the family’s remaining riches. In spite of the fact that she was poor, she goes to a prestigious school in close-by Saigon. She has tenuous relationships with the young ladies there. The narrator met a wealthy Chinese man who promptly favors her, offering her a ride to school. Not long after that, they become sweethearts, despite the fact that she is just fifteen and he is twelve years more established. She’s tolerant cash and rich dinners at costly restaurants for herself and her devastated family. They acknowledge his liberality yet mortify him, declining to recognize him since he is Chinese. The narrator denies her feelings when she is confronted by her mother. The storyteller didn’t have any enthusiasm for marriage, yet her Chinese boyfriend awakens her reasonableness and want, her adoration for lovemaking. After finishing high school, she leaves Saigon for France to proceed with her education. The relationship is damned.

  17. The Lover is about a young girl that lives in Sadec with her mother and two brothers. She lives in a abusive household where her and her younger get abused by the mother and older brother. Her family is also poor. She goes to school and is forced to pursue a math career because of her mother, but her true passion is for writing. She can be viewed as heartless and emotionless due to the fact that she rarely express her emotions. Maybe this come from the way she grew up and her upbringing to cause her to become like this. One day she meets a rich older Chinese man that expresses interest in her and he becomes her lover. Her family doesn’t approve of it but only accept him for his money. She claims that she didn’t love him and was with him because of his wealth. The affair went on for quite some time until it ended when she went back to France. It was then after the death of her mother and brother that she began to display emotion and as she looked back she wished she had been more emotional and not so closed off. She also realized that she actually loved the Chinese man. Later on the get back in contact where he reveals that even though out all the years he still loves her. In her earlier years she was incapable of being able to love but in the end she finally grew up and her different life experiences helped her learn how to love.

  18. In the start of the book, The Lover, the narrator is speaking in first person as an older woman. She transitions into speaking about her first encounter with the Chinese man. She gives insight into her family background, she’s from a French family that lives in Indochina. Her father’s death leaves the burden of raising her and two brothers on her mother. Her mother is hard working, providing the minimum for her children. The eldest brother is both abusive and has a drug addiction whereas her younger brother is emotional. The elder brother abusiveness towards the younger brother and the mother’s favoritism towards her sons, makes her hate him and her mother. After meeting the Chinese man, there relationship last some time before she’s introduces him to her family, which confirmed that from both sides their family disapproved as she’s a white French girl and the Chinese mans father set him up with a Chinese girl to match. The disapproval from both sides and her leaving to France ends the relationship. The death of her brother and then the death of her mother left her remorseful and disconnected with her family members. The last phone call confirms the relationship was real as he still loved her so many years later and she was still left thinking about him.

    1. I liked how you gave a very detailed background of the narrator’s family. I found it very interesting to read. It gave me a good understanding of the main character.

  19. In “ The Lover” by Marguerite Duras tells a story about her life in Saigon. The narrator and her mother live in Saigon where her mother is the headmistress of a girl’s school. Throughout the story, the narrator is going through family struggles. After the passing of her younger brother the relationship between her and the mother is toxic. The mother is very proud of her elder son that she seems to favor him more. The narrator’s childhood was very difficult due to that because she has never gotten her mother’s support in what she wanted to do. Also, her mother was very controlling of her because she was forcing her to study mathematics instead of her passion which was writing. The financial situation in her family was terrible because the older brother used to steal money from the mother. Due to this, her mother used her as a prostitute so that she could bring in some money. One day on her way to school she meets this Chinese man with a limousine. The Chinese man turns out to be a very wealthy man and ends up being madly in love with her. However, the narrator seems more into this relationship because of his wealth. When she finally introduces the Chinese man to her family they are not accepting of it. The mother and the older brother don’t really care about the Chinese man. Later on, the family moves back to France and her relationship ends with the Chinese man. Through this, I feel that the narrator realizes the love she has for the Chinese man. She gets a call from her lover making her realize that he hasn’t stopped loving her.

    1. Gave the reader a good background, let us know the relationship she has with her family. The relationship between the Chinese man and herself is understood well giving good context about the story. I can tell you think the relationship is one sided stating he still loves her, but what about her?

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